Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tragedy of Political Correctness

One of the major offshoots in USA from the recent shooting incident involving a Muslim Major in an American base is the raging debate on political correctness. If we analyse the incident and the issue involved we will be surprised about the lack of such a debate in India where such terrorist incidents are of far greater dimensions and that too when it has been happening for so many decades now. Except for the last few months, it was becoming far more easy to predict serial bomb blasts in India that kills hundreds of innocent people than making weather predictions. At one point of time many of us even believed that Today’s Terrorist Toll (TTT) will become an integral part of all news bulletins like Exchange Rates and Gold Prices. But Indians have become far more disposed to pain and sufferings than our American brothers thanks to our inclusiveness and the special brand of secularism (aptly termed pseudo-secularism) that we have developed in modern India.

In a democracy, being politically correct is far more important for politicians to attract votes in elections. Each and every politician is important in a democracy and capturing power to rule is the foremost goal of political parties. Each political party has a declared objective, but it is hardly of any use when it comes to electoral battles. Hypocrisy is the hallmark of parties and politicians in any democracy and political correctness is the height of hypocrisy. For example, no Indian politician will dare say candidly that religious conversion is nothing but silent terrorism. He or she knows for sure that electoral victory is lost forever if it is said so. The highly powerful organized religious outfits will ensure that such a honest politician never sees the state assembly or central parliament. Thus political correctness is such a treacherous and harmful attribute that runs in all democracies. To reflect its negative quality more markedly it should have been termed as political ‘corruptness’ rather than political correctness.

Political Corruptness

Most of the politicians and autocratic rulers are ultimately concerned only about their own seats. Getting more support than their equally adharmic competitors, capturing and clinging on to power by any means have become the sole intention of those who come to rule. Irrespective of the size and scale, this is the actual situation in any country where elections are held. They always tend to side with their support available enbloc just like the organized religious minorities in India and America irrespective of whatever misdeeds they indulge in. Be it miniscule groups planting bombs and killing innocents under the name of Jihad or religious poachers attempting subversion by demographic conversions, the rulers always tend to side with them because of the solid support base they can command. Politicians in a democracy always forget the fact that enbloc votes are assured from such groups only because of the lack of democracy within them. But only those who can appear politically correct can be assured of victory in today’s elections, especially in democracies having universal adult franchise.

Anything truly correct must pass the acid test of being fair, just and sustainable. This is exactly what is covered under the term of dharma in Sanatana Dharma. Being dharmic is to be associated only with fair, just and sustainable deeds and words. If we can accept such a correct definition for correctness, the correct stand in politics must always be one in support of dharma. Repeating untruth in order not to offend the few who are always offending us and not taking stands that can nurture the positive elements in a society are definitely not part of dharma or correctness. Politicians who go on to become rulers in a democracy must be siding with dharmic forces if their ultimate intention is betterment of society, nation and the whole world. Unfortunately that is not always the case. The real tragedy in all democracies is that political correctness has become an unavoidable pre-requisite for attaining leadership.

Dharmic Politics

Unquestioned political correctness is the single most reason for the fast degeneration of democracy into a not-so-preferred option for governance. If the essence of democracy is rule according to majority will it must support and nurture the dharmic aspirations of the majority. This should always be the case, irrespective of whether it is to the like or dislike of those in minority. Present day phenomena of majority will always yielding to the more organized unjust demands of those in minority may be political correctness but morally adharmic. Electoral systems in most functioning democracies are failing to come up with ideas to defeat the organized might of those in minority wanting to impose their unreasonable demands. Instead of ensuring a rule according to majority will, democracies have become majority rule according to minority will. Practicing dharma in politics is the only way to bring back the losing legitimacy for democratic governments.

Beauty of dharma lies in its applicability in each and every aspect of our life. If something is dharmic it means it is the best option. In politics too it is the best option to rekindle the spirit of democracy that is inbuilt in every human being. Being dharmic in political activities means the words and deeds are for the betterment of society. Those which are required are sustained and those which are blocking our dharmic progress are to be destroyed. This principle of dharma is equally applicable in the case of concepts and individuals. Kauravas and their organized unjust activities were equally adharmic for the betterment of human society at that time and both were eliminated without any other consideration. It is time for considering the same option in the case of democracy and politics as it is practiced today.

India and USA are considered as the biggest and strongest democracies in the world. No wonder that the tragedy of political correctness has taken its biggest toll in these two countries. If it is difficult in USA to get Congress approval for send more troops to crush Jihadi terrorism, it is far more difficult in India to get any law passed in Indian parliament for a complete ban on religious conversion by coercion or a uniform civil code. Both the issues are destroying the very basis of these secular nations, but the will of the majority is unable to do anything because of the pressure on elected representatives to appear politically correct to those holding minority opinion. A totally wrong notion is preventing the duly elected and authorized setup from doing what it is supposed to do. The only way for genuine democracy to flourish is by arranging a deep burial for the abhorrent concept of political correctness.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

‘Sanatinise’ Hinduism

Ideological, demographical and physical threats to Hinduism and Hindus are increasing on a daily basis in its very land of origin. Sustained use of various novel variants of the divide & rule game adopted by alien powers has taken its toll on Bharatvarsha and Hinduism. There is a well planned strategy at work in moving India nation away from the ideological contours of Bharatvarsha, thus isolating Hinduism (and Hindus) from its fountainhead of Sanatana Dharma. The predators are fully aware of the enormous clout of Sanatana Dharma especially in comparison to their own half-cooked cults. The alien religious ideologies are no match for Sanatana Dharma in a purely intellectual and spiritual plane. For that matter, mankind is yet to discover or invent any other better form of civilized life that can sustain human evolution forward. Indian psyche is so much entrenched in Sanatana Dharma that the only chance of success for alien ideologies in India is by clever manipulation of their routes through the same Dharma. The often repeated theory about Sanatana Dharma is not a religion but a way of life is only a clever ploy to enable this strategy.

Earlier threats to our land came mainly on account of the rapid developments in seafaring techniques of the Europeans. Aggressive missionary work for religious conversion, which always comes in during second phase of colonization, was only to consolidate the rule of the colonial masters. Converting a section of the colonial subjects to think like us and work for our interests is a proven technique of any colonial power. The evil of proselytisation by Christians is still continuing mainly due to weakening of its base in Europe and the fast multiplying sects within Christianity, each new one with a new power centre with unlimited money at their disposal. Islam is fast replacing Christianity in Europe and the new oil rich Gulf nations have begun to smell their turn for colonization. Highly effective techniques of religious conversion through love jihad or fear jihad are nothing but innovative ideas of their popular fronts in the sub-continent. The one and only way for Hinduism (and Hindus) to ward off these evil twins of religious conversion is a renewed attempt to re-sanatanise Hinduism.

Organise & Reform Meaningfully

Organisation and reforms are inevitable for any living system that grows. Hinduism is weakening because it is stagnating and India’s ruling system has managed to block its umbilical link with Sanatana Dharma. The inherent strength of Sanatana Dharma which has successfully withstood the combined might of alien ideologies for over one thousand years is legendary. All that is required by us to confront the latest threats is only to re-channelize our links with Sanatana Dharma. What we have essentially lost in our journey from the Dharma to ism is nothing but a vibrant platform for continuous reforms. Sanatana Dharma was a complete picture of happy components, where as Hinduism today is a hanging picture of disparate components, many of them unhappy. In the critical situation that we are now in, it will not take much coercion for all the components to co-operate for collective survival once again.

Sanatana Dharma does not advocate a rigid organizational hierarchy as others do. In an ever changing world, it is nothing but foolishness to think of a hierarchy for faith and belief. Each living individual must have freedom of thought but we need a border security force to protect the borders of our faith. The role of our divine leaders (which includes living avatars like Mata Amritanandamayi, Sai Baba etc., Swamis, Gurus etc.) comes in here. There must be a Dharma Sabha where these leaders interact and deliberate for common good. A highly visible and transparent setup for propagation of Sanatana Dharma must come up preferably within India. And our religious leaders must be able to talk aloud from this platform without fear and fright of terrorists of any kind. Long standing demands for social reforms within our religion must be deliberated and agreed on this platform. Lack of simple reforms is the only drawback in our completely rational ideology that has no systemic flaws and unnatural practices.

Rejuvenate & Popularise Sanskrit

Language is the most formidable weapon in the ideological arsenal and we have seen this several times in human history. In today’s world we find the best example of this in Arab lands. The colonizers in waiting are spending billions of money in propagation of their language. They are fully aware of the future returns from this investment when their army marches into foreign lands. It will not only make their communication easier but will keep other speakers of their language perpetually on the lower grades. This is where our immediate forefathers have erred. Just like Sanatana Dharma being the only complete religious ideology, Sanskrit is the most comprehensive language of all times. Yet we decided to keep it aside and agreed to put our own Dharma on ventilator. Reintroduction of Sanskrit as the first language is the first step in our return to glory.

Wealth of Sanskrit language and literature cannot be measured on any scale. If we want to make Sanskrit a popular language once again the best way is to churn out and serve the best literary works to the common man. Vedas and Upanishads will naturally feed the rejuvenated population for generations to come. Sanskrit is also recognized as one of the most structured and hence most suited for computing devices. If the right incentives are provided, I have no doubt that the Hindu ingenuity will work wonders in this field. Sanskrit will become the most popular language for computers and humans in no time. It will then be no surprise if even robots would prefer to talk in Sanskrit in a futuristic world. And who can underestimate the enormous potential of Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vaastu, Vedic Mathematics, Mantraas and Yagnas in a world where other faiths have only fundamentalism and terrorism to offer.

Sanatana Dharma possesses all the necessary ingredients for the best alternative for entire mankind. The Dharma possesses everything that is lacking in all other religious ideologies. It has the unique capability and capacity to contain all Indians and Indian religions. The only foolproof way to revitalize Hinduism and prevent its collapse in its sole remaining stronghold is to ‘sanatanise’ it once again. Promote and provoke all Hindu organizations to recognize the alien religious storm that is encircling India in the form of Jihadi Islam and Pentecostal proselytisation. We can survive the storm and even turn the tables on them only if get ready with the impenetrable shields of Sanatana Dharma. And if we can push it further with creative imagination it might be even possible to retrieve the entire lands from malignant cults built on myths about false Gods.