Friday, December 09, 2016

Semitic Missionaries and Mosquitoes

The more we think about it, the more we notice the similarities between Missionaries and Mosquitoes. Missionary might have been a noble word and tribe in the West, but now in India, it is almost one of those four lettered ones. There is no doubt they had a space in the bygone era in spreading their new found ideology in distant lands. But now they have far outlived their utility value and have become pests in the midst of development of progressive societies. In this twenty-first century, they are nothing but Ideological Mosquitoes spreading the venom of religious hatred by cheating and luring poor people into their outdated and idiotic ideologies.

The style of operation of Mosquitoes and Missionaries is almost identical. Mosquitoes fly about their victims and settle at some convenient points. Many of their victims are aware of their presence but ignore them in good faith. And once they are settled in some vantage points, with the co-operation of their victims, they slowly and surreptitiously indulge in the most heinous of crimes against humanity – sucking out the blood and spreading the fatal viruses. Missionaries also do exactly the same. Our erstwhile Kings and present day rulers provided them all facilities and in return they spread the venom of communalism by religious conversion of the most vulnerable. Missionary work in Indian sub-continent is destroying this great nation from within and it is becoming a big business for the two Semitic religious invaders.

What should we do with these Mosquitoes? Should we allow their lethal work to continue unabated? Isn’t it time that we started dealing with these Missionaries in the same way as with the Mosquitoes? When the Mosquito population become intolerable, we usually destroy their ecosystem first. If that doesn’t work we use the Mosquito repellents or the nets for protection. If none of these methods work, we take the electric bat or our own hands to smash them on the wall splashing the blood they have sucked out of our body while spreading their deadly viruses. If their dangerous work continues without any remorse, retaliation is the only way to protect our body nation from these Missionary Mosquitoes.