Saturday, May 07, 2016

Democracy and Demography

In a functioning democracy the majority will have to establish their decision by exercising their franchise and select those who will represent their interests. The catch comes here – who is the one who will genuinely represent our interests? Though it may not always be necessarily so, we always make the mistake that it has to be one among us. Many democracies got hijacked in the past because of this belief. And now it is clearly established in all democratic set ups throughout the world. The Whites will vote only for a White, Blacks for Blacks, Muslims for Muslims and Christians for Christians. The only exception in a pluralistic society are the so-called Hindus in India.

The recent election of a Muslim immigrant as London Mayor proves the point beyond any doubt. It mainly proves only one point, that London is a Muslim majority city. In a way, the year 2016 will go down in history as the year in which Western Colonialism reached its peak and turned its tide. It is going to be days of reverse colonialism since the days of the Industrial Revolution. Much beyond that, it even signifies the end of stability brought about by Crusades and the return of Islamic imperialism spreading its wings in Europe once again. By the end of 21st century, Christianity will become a minority religion in Europe and Arabian imperialism would have come of age.

The only places in the world, where others will be able to hold on may be Americas and Indian subcontinent. However, the fate of Indian subcontinent will always be on a suspense. Islam has already established its strong presence in pockets throughout India and by their organised reproduction will continue to capture power democratically in all these pockets very soon. Kashmir has already been lost. Kerala and West Bengal will follow suit within next five or six decades. Muslims have already tested their demographic technique successfully in their own Malappuram district in Kerala. The total number remaining capped, Muslim League has increased their MLA constituencies systematically be demographic means. Their ascent to democratic power is inevitable.

What will happen to the world then will be anybody’s guess? For the time being it is time for Rest in Peace.