Sunday, December 30, 2012

Overdosed Reservations

Discriminations are usually resented, but positive discrimination is an acceptable practice throughout the world for upliftment of the downtrodden. The wonderful idea of constitutionally provided reservations for Scheduled Castes and Tribes in India was one such noble idea that has failed to deliver. Though meant for a definite period in order to allow time for the discriminated people to make up their lost time, the result of ‘eternal’ reservations is becoming one of replacing temporary crutches by permanent ones for the physically disabled. Instead of struggling to get over the historical disadvantages, many among the target crowd are getting cozy with the incentives and wish to be disadvantaged forever. Reservations in India are becoming counter productive in every sense. As usual, politicians belonging to the uneducated but cunning variety, are spoiling the whole system for their own selfish ‘votebank’ politics.

There have been aberrations in the unique caste system of India and many sections of Indian society have remained disadvantaged for generations as a consequence. The brilliantly designed Indian caste system literally became a curse when its intended horizontal structure was titled by vested interests into a vertical one with the ‘superior’ castes on top. Those who toil for good of the society became the lower castes and those who do not toil at all became their superiors. Hereditary lineage was the final nail in the caste coffin and those in the so-called lower castes became toilers forever even if some of them were much more brilliant than the upper castes. Successive generations belonging to such an unnatural setup ended up as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Indian constitution.

Positive Discrimination

In the beginning, reservation in the fields of education and jobs was meant for providing a certain amount of positive discrimination in favour of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes, which were listed in the constitution itself. It was also meant only for a definite period of time. The intensions were highly noble because the discrimination was in positive manner and none of the deserving from any caste (higher or lower) was discriminated against. Judgment of our highest court that all forms of reservations together shall not cross 50% of the total was also a brilliant one to keep the balance between merit and reservations. Such a balanced system would have definitely helped in churning our society into a better one.

One of the most important requirements of any system of positive discrimination is to provide a mechanism to weed out the beneficiaries in a progressive manner. Families who have already benefitted from a system of reservations must not continue to enjoy the same again. If the head of the family has already got the benefit of reservation, it is unreasonable to give the same benefit again to his children. He or she can continue to get the benefit of economic reservation, but definitely not the benefits of caste reservations again and again. If such a system was implemented in right earnest, we would have already had a just and merit based society by now. Instead the caste based political parties are still ruling and ruining our nation.

Economic Reservations 

India had some of the best constitution makers that the world has ever seen. But all of them missed out the vital need for introducing economic based reservations immediately after 25 or 50 years of caste based reservations. If such a provision was there in the original constitution itself, cantankerous politicians and their political parties that survive only on the backwardness of their own castes would not have evolved at all. Now we have a situation when the country cannot be ruled without their support and their only aim is to perpetuate the caste based reservations forever.

Benefits of an economic based reservation policy are too well known. It is the best known method to bring up all those who are poor irrespective of their caste and religion. After all, the ultimate aim of any nation is to provide facilities for all its citizens to raise upto their level of individual capability without any hindrance due to extraneous reasons other than pure merit. Social and economic aspects must not play any part in the workplace where merit of the individual must be the only criterion for his employment and promotion. Be it corporations or government, the best results will come out only if there is meritocracy built into the system.

Political expediency is once again playing its worst game in the form of a parliamentary bill aimed at expanding the realm of reservations to promotions also. Nothing can be more disastrous than this. Narrow minded caste based political parties are making such moves for their own survival, but national parties whose aim must be development of the nation must not fall into such traps even if it is for retaining power. It is high time for all such national parties to come together and decide once for all that caste-based reservation will continue only till 2025 and thereafter there will be reservations only on the basis of economic status.     

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Debateless Democracy

Democracy in India is fast deteriorating into a 3D variety. It is decaying, demeaning and has become hopelessly ‘debateless’ in the past sixty years of existence. Indian constitution is still considered one of the best in the world and it is undoubtedly a standard template for any newborn democracy or those undergoing springs (and autumns) in their democratic evolution. Though adapted from the British, the vision and farsightedness of those who made up our Constituent Assembly could successfully put together a document that can hold a nation of million varieties in every aspect of life but one culture and one civilization together for all times to come. However, the quality of those who were subsequently getting elected every five years to uphold our constitution steadily deteriorated and the results are showing.
The quality of debate that took place in our Constituent Assembly is something without any comparison. Core features of our constitution are something that has come out of hardcore debates like ‘amruth’ out of ‘palazhi’. But those who inherited the constitution have failed to live up to the expectations of our erstwhile leaders who were outstanding parliamentarians in addition to being politicians. Succeeding generations of Indian politicians have completely distorted the meaning of some of the key elements of our constitution viz. Reservations, Minorities and Secularism. The self-defeating traits of Vote-Bank Politics and Political Correctness are now dominating the minds of most of the Indian politicians. To make matters worse, the unprecedented levels of corruption is taking Indian democracy to its death bed within a century of its birth, unless there is a new avatar who can save us from the asuric politicians.       
Leadership Qualities
Maximum damage to Indian polity has been inflicted by our politicians, the elected among whom are the so-called lawmakers. One of the most important marks of a politician in a democracy must be his or her ability to communicate.  They must be able to articulate well in the parliament and communicate with the masses through electronic and print media, in addition to talking part in the rallies and seminars. But see the case of India now. We have atleast four of our top-most political authorities who do not talk at all and never participates in the parliamentary debates for making laws that govern our nation. No one knows what is in their mind and what type of human beings are they? India’s common men do not know what are the opinions of their rulers? And what are their proposals for solving the problems?
Another important requirement is the need of transparency in public life. Democratically elected leaders must not only be honest but must also appear so. If anyone raises any question on his or her integrity, the response must be immediate and without any delay or excuse. Unlike earlier days it may not be a practical option to step down every time there is an allegation, but the written or spoken denial or explanation is a must. Otherwise they must resign immediately and face the enquiry. The recent trend in India is to keep quiet and never ever respond to any allegations or questions. Security is provided to the rulers for their safety and not for isolating them from the very public who have elected them. Hiding under the security curtain, unanswerable to the nation seems to the easiest way to avoid inconvenient questions. Rulers of India are now clearly above the rule of India law.
Corruption Galore
If only a miniscule proportion of Indian politicians were corrupt till 1970s, the percentage is almost 75% in contemporary India. Popular perception about the top echelons of power in India has reached an all time low and many politicians now genuinely believe that they cannot survive in Indian politics unless they are ‘smart’ in corruption. Air of confidence radiated by Raja and Kalmadi when they were under arrest for corruption has established such a notion in the minds of almost all our politicians. The notion is bound to get more established when the two will eventually walk free and are awarded millions of rupees as compensation for defamation. All political parties are facing the same situation and when it comes to corruption the nation finds that there is no party with a difference. With atleast a few skeletons in the cupboard, no political party is able to stand up and clean up the system now.    
The recent anti-corruption wave in India is nothing but a natural reaction of a few well meaning members of the civil society from the pre-independence era against the all enveloping corruption clouds that will eventually destroy our nation. Silence is the best encouragement for corruption and that is exactly what our rulers are encouraging us to do by their own silence. Media can do quite a lot in saving the nation now. In the all pervading electronic era, we are surprisingly having lesser numbers of investigative journalists who can easily unearth the Swiss accounts and corrupt deals. The Bofors enthusiasm is completely missing among the present generation of Indian journalists. Just one Chitra Subramanian or Arun Shourie can still bring down the complete corrupt edifice that is haunting India today.
The next general elections in 2014 will present the best bet for a change in political climate of our nation. All participants must be made to talk and American style debates must be made mandatory. Those in power will not take any initiative in this, but our electronic media can definitely force the situation. The potential PMs must come to a single platform and debate. The advantage of any open debate is the recording of commitments made by the contesting parties. It will also reveal the individual as well as his or her capabilities to understand and handle the situations. Those without any merit but only some connections and family name will stand completely exposed in an open debate. Political ‘dumpheads’ must be kept away and only those who are elected to the Lok Sabha must become the Prime Minister of India. That is the best immediate anti-dote for rampant corruption that we can hope for.

Friday, October 12, 2012

General Theory of Theology

It was not very long ago that Newtonian Physics was considered the last word in Physics because it could explain and predict all phenomena that we see around. It could even explain the motion of celestial bodies. But the whole edifice collapsed when we started dealing with the sub-atomic particles. Special and General theories of relativity were required to reach a reasonably acceptable level of hypothesis that could explain everything. We are passing through an identical phase in the case of metaphysics now. The theory of God (theology), which is central to all religions, has entered its final phase now. Rigid Science which is nothing but the other side of Blind Religion is dead and irrelevant to modern Man. Pure, impartial and realistic Science has made tremendous progress and it is challenging many of the hitherto unchallenged tidbits of Science contained in some of the holy texts. Time has also come for proposing a General Theory of Theology to explain the Science of God who is supposedly ‘controlling’ the whole universe (or multiverse).

Different religions and their own versions of God have evolved in different isolated pockets around the world at different times. Exchange of ideas and debates on the various concepts of God were physically impossible during yesteryears. Vested interests in each society kept their own concepts of God in isolation and prevented all forms of challenges to their own supremacy for obvious reasons. With the unprecedented growth in Science and Technology in the past two centuries, many such limitations have vanished. Details about any religion or any concept of God are freely available in the internet now. So also the latest in Science and Technology. But religious bigots are still trying to retard the progress of mankind by preventing free enquiry and debate. We should not allow this to happen and all progressive sections must make the debate continue without any break.

Need for God

The Big Bang theory and all pervasive Higgs-Bosons (God Particles) have been confirmed by Science. We now know for sure that our universe is 13.7 billion years old, our beloved planet about 5 billion years and Man a few million years old. All these unquestionable facts have serious implications. It will take some time for its effect to percolate into all fields of human knowledge. But it will definitely change everything we can think of. The simplicity of having everything originating from a single entity and having something that is present everywhere cannot be ignored. Though some scientists may sound over confident in their explanation of everything, the fact still remains that there is indeed ‘something’ which maintains order and evolution of universe in a particular direction. But equally important is the fact that, as a bare minimum, the very ‘something’ has to be omnipresent, omnipotent and permanent in order for everything to be as it is. All variables can be appreciated and measured only against something that is invariable in every sense.

Need for God becomes inevitable in the context of the order we see in the universe. Scientists believe that everything started off from zero energy and it was a slight tilt in the universal plane just after the Big Bang that created all the various particles constituting the universe which is still of zero energy. Then the question remains as to who or what created the ‘slight tilt’ that resulted in all that we see around. Why not attribute it to something known as God? Another important aspect is the fact that Science can talk with absolutely certainty only about physical aspects of the universe. How about all other aspects of the universe like relationships between various animate and inanimate objects? What about the social, emotional and evolutionary aspects of those with life, especially of humans? And what about the most certain and yet the most misunderstood aspects of birth and death? All these unknown aspects call for a need for God, which is nothing but the ultimate answer to everything.

Use of God   

Most part of most religious thoughts deal with human issues. Makers of religions put forth their own theories that can provide answers to various problems that confront humans. God is an essential content in all religious thoughts and each of them define it in their own convenient ways. And then they forget the simple fact it is the very same God that they have reinterpreted. Clash of religions starts from that point. It was understandable in old days because only the religion makers thought about God and claimed to have understood it. That is not the case anymore. In this age of information everyone can know about everything if one wants to. Once all of us realise the simple fact it is the very same God that we are talking about, there will be nothing more useful to us than the concept of God.

An ideal world would be one when each human being will have his own religion with a version of same universal God. This would sound an impossible dream but the concept of personal God in ancient India refers to such an ideal state of affairs. There are many who ridicule the talk about 330 million Gods in Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) with out realizing the fact it is something much above their own understanding. Having a God of your own who can teach you, make you realize things, scold you, pamper you and even play with you will make all the difference in any human being, who is nothing but a bundle of flesh with ego, emotions and maximum helplessness that only he or she knows. All great men are those who have effectively used such Gods to get the best out of themselves and had immense faith within. This would include even the most acclaimed atheists among us.       

A General Theory of Theology assumes great importance in contemporary context. The best definition for God is that it is an Energy, Matter or Consciousness (all interchangeable) that is omnipotent, omnipresent and permanent. And more importantly, God is definitely not something that is making, managing and monitoring everything (especially humans) for providing rewards and punishment. It is possible to have other universes where the same God is in control but it does not matter to us. All things in this universe are evolving against the background of a permanent and unchanging God. Morality and righteousness are something that is natural in the make-up of evolved humans. While certain collective virtues take us forward in the path of evolution, the negative elements impede our progress. And ultimately it will all end up gradually only to be reborn again because the entire universe is cyclic, symmetric and of zero-energy in nature.          

Friday, September 28, 2012

Kerala En'GULF'ed

The recently concluded investors’ meet by name “Emerging Kerala” has shown in very clear terms the destiny of Kerala. The fact that it was inaugurated by no less than the Prime Minister of India and the determined presence of Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission during its deliberations clearly indicates the way a comparatively less developed state like Kerala is going to emerge. Almost all the projects presented during the meet have an NRI content and most of them are based in the Gulf. This is only natural given the fact that a vast majority of NRIs from Kerala are based in the Middle East. But what is worrisome is the hidden agenda involved in all the projects under proposal, namely the allotment of land on free basis or on lease for long periods. And once allotted to an entrepreneur for a particular project, the chances of recovering it (even if unutilized) are very remote. Vast tracts of precious real estate are already in private hands by clever use of this tactic.   

Ruling dispensations in Kerala in contemporary times are really under the combined might of minority sections and the role of politicians and interests representing the unorganized majority is getting marginalized every day. This is reflected even in the number of ministers from the majority community in the cabinet. The free allocation of highly priced land in Kerala assumes great importance in this context. Most of the entrepreneurs from the Gulf represent certain ‘clear’ interests and vast tracts of prime properties are getting allotted by the powers who do not reflect the majority interests. For those have been following the events, the signs and symbols which signal the interests of organized sections in Kerala are very obvious. It is indeed a God’s Own Country, but the question of “Which God” is assuming great significance. Allegiance to foreign Gods are on the ascent through India and Kerala leads this say to sure doom. Forced, coerced  and lured religious conversions have already taken its toll in Kerala.

Another ominous sign that has great significance is the overwhelming importance for industry over agriculture in a predominantly agricultural society. One of the powerful people even went to the extent of suggesting that Kerala need not try to be self-sufficient in food, because the nation is already self-sufficient. This lopsided development philosophy has already ruined many states in the country and it is bound to have serious repercussions in pre-dominantly agrarian society like in Kerala. Everyone knows why Kerala is called the God’s Own Country? It is because of its lush green landscape which is only possible because of Nature’s bountiful blessings. Already overloaded with the highest density of population in the country, Kerala does not have any real estate other than for minimum domicile, agriculture and forests. Perhaps those who are conspiring against this arrangement do not want to control their population, but convert Kerala into an industrial society for their future generations to control.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No.2 India

Spectrum of money in India starts from genuine currency coming out of RBI’s printing press and goes all the way upto the equally professional counterfeits from ISI across the border. In between these two extremes we have all the shades and types of money that Indians possess. It can be said with a high degree of accuracy that more than 75% of Indians have in their possession more than one shade of these monies. The richest Indians may have all types, starting with fully accounted genuine currency (called White money), then plenty of unaccounted genuine currency (called No.2 or Black money) and in some cases even the counterfeit variety. As an example, it is understod that Indians have spent about one thousand crores in the last six months in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. There are no two opinions among those who want India to succeed that counterfeit currency must be dealt with strictly and extreme punishments must be handed down to all those who knowingly deal with it. But it is the No.2 variety of money that is creating all sorts of confusions in the minds of common Indians.

Team Anna’s efforts to root out corruption have failed for no other reason. After a certain point of time, all those who are involved got confused about how to distinguish money that is emanating from real corruption. All politicians and bureaucrats are not corrupt all the time. Some politicians and some bureaucrats are corrupt in some of their dealings. But how do we distinguish the real corruption by the really corrupt and go after it? It is very difficult unless we have some guidelines about different forms of corruption. In very general terms, we can say that corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law. But in common parlance, that is not the only corruption. Every genuine and sincere common man, the typical ones who constitute Anna’s followers, considers all forms of nepotism, favoritism, procedural violation, mal-practice, money laundering, counterfeiting etc., etc., as corruption. Corruption is a complex phenomenon and in India it is all the more confounded.

Tolerable Corruption

One of the best ways to illustrate the need for tolerance about certain types of corruption is the case of Black money, the No.2 variety, which is in fact genuine or good money, but unaccounted. Be it in income tax, sales tax or real estate registration fee, our system is so outdated that it never encourages anyone to disclose the actual amounts involved. A majority of real estate transactions in our country are run on No.2 money; otherwise those who buy and sell will end up paying half their money in terms of taxes and bribes. The one and only way to avoid it is by undervaluing the real estate value. By doing so each transaction of the same real estate generates as much No.2 money in our economy as atleast half its real value. One can imagine the amount of No.2 money that each of our big real estate developers will have to handle. This is easily overcome if the government reduces the tax structure, but there is a historical reluctance for any such step.

Another area where No.2 money is playing havoc is during elections. Most of the Indian politicians are corrupt because of the need for No.2 money during elections. It is almost impossible to win an election in India within the allowable limit of say Rs. 20 or 25 lakhs, unless he (or she) is an outstanding celebrity riding a sympathy wave. Election Commission of India knows it more than anyone else. Yet we have failed to root out this primary cause of corruption for the past 65 years. If there is a transparent system for public funding of elections, sincere and talented individuals will come into electoral politics and fight elections. Such a process in course of time will gradually eliminate all Laloos, Rajas, Kuriens, Chackos etc., from our political system. It will also help us to sideline the extraneous considerations of family, religion and caste from politics and get us real leaders who can think, articulate and act in the best interests of India and Indians.

Intolerable Corruption

The need for zero tolerance against certain types of corruption is much more vital than being indifferent to some forms of corruption that are inevitable in our political system. Those who indulge in counterfeit currency, sell state secrets for money and take bribes for favoring the undeserving must be definitely in jail. It is high time we introduced hundreds of years imprisonment without any parole for such corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. The only form of model punishment in modern times is extraordinary long terms of prison without any parole and that is the only fear that can deter potential offenders in politics and bureaucracy. United States of America is definitely a nation that is worthy of emulation in this field. There may be omissions, but those who are caught red handed can never get away in a country like USA. But in India, we have seen glaring mistakes even when tons of currencies are found in the houses of offending politicians and bureaucrats. With the very same money and a battery of good lawyers, all such ‘scamsters’ get away from our legal system in a few years time.

Any Lokpal legislation will help in controlling corruption, but no Lokpal legislation can stop it. The only question to be asked is – What if the Lokpal is corrupt? Given the present standard of politicians and bureaucrats who will select the Lokpal, the question is very relevant and there is very little the system can do when a cunningly clever and corrupt Lokpal takes over. We had several instances in the past when those in constitutional positions indulged in direct and indirect corruption, and the entire nation of one billion people stood in shameful helplessness. Ideal democracy is possible only in an ideal environment with ideal people in an ideal society. In a loose democracy like ours, the ‘asuric’ individuals in power will corrupt and corrupt absolutely. Only a strong cultural inclination in favour of zero-tolerance against corruption can save a democracy.

In the prevailing anti-corruption mood that prevails in India, Team Annas are unable to make any substantial progress mainly because of the confusion that defines corruption in India. If one’s forefathers had stolen money and made a billion dollar deposit in some Swiss bank and if suddenly one comes to inherit it now in today’s India, what should he (or she) do?  He was not even aware of it. Is it No.1 or No.2 money as far as he is concerned? That’s the kind of confusion that is confronting those in power. How can there be progress in Lokpal legislation until there is clarity on definition of black money? How can an economy that is predominantly run on No.2 money be made completely transparent and accountable? A genuine Lokpal that will root out corruption will become a reality only if can contain the growth of No.2 India and promote No.1 Bharat.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Advaita Established

It was anticipated for a long long time and now it has really happened. Existence of one of the most fundamental particles – rightly called the God particle – is finally established beyond any doubt. Our elite scientific community, that consists of some of the most intelligent human beings alive today, has given their seal of approval to the existence of Higgs-Boson particle that ‘substantiates’ everything in this universe by giving them mass. It is present in everything and that includes you, me, them and whatever one can think of. It not only means that the God particle is present in everything, but also that nothing is possible without the presence of God particle. For the ardent followers of Advaita philosophy in Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) the new discovery is nothing surprising. The present finding merely substantiates what Adi Sankara propounded hundreds of years back.

The conflict or synergy that exists between religions and Science is reaching its pinnacle very soon. We understand from the scientists at CERN that it will take a few more months to put their final seal on God particle. But as and when it happens, the fundamentals of modern Science will reach a complete synergy with the concept of Advaita that was propounded by Sage Adi Sankara. At the end of a purely impartial, objective and sincere pursuit in search of the absolute truth, a team of most modern particle physicists, using the most modern equipment that costs billions of dollars, have come to the very same conclusion as it was conceived in the mind of Adi Sankara who is rightly considered as the most intelligent human being that ever lived. Mankind is now seeing the absolute truth in simple terms with very naked eyes.

Sankara’s Advaita

Unlike other religious philosophies, Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) has always encouraged freedom of expression and reformation. The process is still going on. But its latest watermark that is unsurpassed by any subsequent reforms is Sankara’s Advaita theory. In retrospect, it looks as if it was the final culmination of a long evolutionary process in HSD that spanned over atleast 5000 years. In very simple terms Sankara was stating the obvious about an omnipresent and omnipotent God, when he said that He is present everywhere. By one stroke of logical explanation, he made all concepts and ideas about an external God, who is monitoring and judging others, completely illogical and even irrelevant. The present confirmation of an omnipresent God particle reaffirms Sankara’s theory and all the religious philosophies (mostly Semitic) built on foundations of an external God lies completely shattered. I wonder whether the Semitic religions have any future at all outside its hardcore fundamentalist followers, who might hang on for political reasons.

Sankara not only propounded the Advaita theory but went on to propose that all that we perceive is just an illusion (Maya). While there are many who have challenged the Maya theory, there has been almost complete acceptance of Advaita theory among all the saints and sages in HSD in the last few centuries. In modern times, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Vivekanand, Saibaba, Mata Amritanandamayi etc., have reasserted the Advaita principle repeatedly. Adi Sankara came on the scene when HSD was on the decline due to the revolutions unleashed by Lord Budha and Jaina. Rituals and social practices among the ordinary HSD practitioners had become unsustainable and it was natural to have revolutionaries like Lord Budha to challenge the system. But both the revolutions were unsuccessful because its theory appeals to only our logic and not to our eternal rational quest for a God. Sankara’s Advaita fulfilled all such requirements.   

HSD Substantiated

With the final seal of approval on Adviata and God particle, the stature of HSD as a religious ideology is going to reach greater heights. It is perhaps the only current religious philosophy that would be acceptable to the entire spectrum of mankind spread between ordinary basic believers and most intelligent theoretical physicists. What is present in everything is called God and when such an element of God is present in all humans, how can an external God, made up of the very same God particles, sit in judgment over any of our deeds? Any idea of an external God monitoring, rewarding and punishing humans sounds absolutely ridiculous. He, who is within us, cannot reward us for our good deeds and punish us for our heinous crimes. If we are at fault, He is also equally responsible and how can He blame us and punish us for the same? It is even idiotic to think of such a God who enjoys all power but takes no responsibility. Ever since the advent of Advaita, the concept of God is quite different in HSD.

In Advaitic HSD, God is really present everywhere and He (in fact it is She) is omnipotent. If we take only the human beings, there is God present in all of us, but in varying intensities. God particles give only the quantitative mass to all of us, but there is a qualitative element as well. It means that the heavier ones among us may not necessarily be more Godly than lightweights. It is left to the individual’s efforts to refine the quality of God within each of us and reach a state of ultimate oneness with him. HSD scriptures give enough and more ideas and suggestions about practices to be adopted in order to reach Him. All that is lacking in most of us is the will and dedication to go for it. But those who have opted and acted have always been rewarded with the ultimate bliss.

India can be rightfully proud about the involvement of two of its greatest sons in the unraveling of this greatest mystery of mankind. If the theory of Advaita was propounded by Adi Sankara, it was Prof. Satyendra Nath Bose who propounded the theory of bosons in modern times. There is nothing surprising because only a profound civilization like the HSD could have produced such outstanding thinkers and scientists. Both might have been merely following their conscience which is an integral part of one of the greatest civilizations with an accumulated wisdom of generations of sages and saints who always encouraged freedom of thought, enquiry and expression. Jai Ho Bharat.          

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Demography of India is changing fast and it is fastest in southern states, especially Kerala. Some sections have correctly identified the potential of capturing power democratically by altering the demographic structure of the nation. They have developed a multi-pronged approach to overtake the unorganized majority within a very short span of time. The majority belonging to Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) is anyway unorganized and history has repeatedly proven that those who follow this faith will remain unorganized forever. HSD is intrinsically individualistic, secular and incapable being organized. Perhaps this is the only faith that does not promise a mass transit system to Heaven.

The predatory religious faiths, which are essentially outshoots of foreign imperialism in India, have decided to utilize this unique situation to capture power through elections. The first step in that direction is to increase their numbers, in parallel with several initiatives to divide the HSD community by all means. Forced and lured religious conversion is going on unabated for the last one century in India. It has only become much more systematic and organized in independent India. The annual budget of this industry for the two predatory faiths put together is definitely more than a few thousand billions of dollars. Prosperous West and Oil Rich Arabs are the two prime movers in this industry.

The parallel route is by clever unrestricted reproduction. After the bloody religious partitioning of Indian subcontinent, followers of HSD (the obvious inheritors of Indian nation) felt cosy and willfully decided to practice the so-called family planning policies in the interests of their new nation. What can be a better opportunity for the predatory faiths than to see their main target dozing? Detailed plans were set in place and now the annual growth rate of minority population in India is almost double that of the majority. The two have already crossed the half-way mark in Kerala in terms of population and the social, economic and political power has already crossed over to the combined two.

The only option in front of HSD followers in Kerala is to throw away their family planning mania and beat the predators in their own game. Younger generations of HSD followers must opt for at least three children. Three is good company and any reluctance on their part to adopt this vital strategy will be at their own peril. All the HSD community organizations must make this beckon call immediately, failing which Kerala Pandits will become a reality in a couple of decades. Remember that no displaced community has ever been fully resettled in any part of the world at any time in history.

The choice is yours – Produce More and Survive OR Have Less and Perish

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mighty-Ism and Meek-Followers

It is mentioned somewhere in a holy book that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. But those who seem to really believe in this and live accordingly are not the followers of that book but Hindus in India. For hundreds of years, Hindus have been under foreign rule in the recent past. But for thousands of years prior to that they dominated the world ideologically and were the richest in the world in every sense. What has caused the present meekness of Hindu society is definitely a case worth studying for those concerned about its future. The fall has been catastrophically damaging in Nepal which was once the only Hindu nation in the world. The ailment has also spread over the entire sub-continent and results can be devastating for the entire world in the long run. Imagining a world full of followers of two closed and conflicting religious ideologies would be a nightmare. Culture and civilization of mankind will regress by a few thousand years if that is what our fate is. 
Hinduism is presently the third largest religion in the world and it is absolutely necessary that it survives forever. Systemically also, the need for third and fourth members to survive is much more vital than the first two in any system. Whatever be the system, it becomes unsustainable and unstable as a whole if the vital third and fourth load-bearing members are missing. More the supports, more the stability of any system, especially if it concerns human society. Each civilization has thrown up a religious ideology in the past and it is bound to happen in the future too. But there is something very unique about the one which sprung up in South Asia – viz. Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH - Proud To be Hindu). It is perhaps the only one which could comprehend the whole universe as one and prayed for the well being of everything – good, bad and evil. How can we afford to extinguish such a noble spirit and concede to overwhelming ideologies that preaches more hatred than love?      

Strongest Foundation

There cannot be more than one answer to the question – which is the religious ideology with the strongest foundations in terms of scriptures, literature, beliefs, culture and as convincingly demonstrated by the longest surviving civilization in the entire universe? Unlike physical structures, strength of an ideology lies in its rationality and not in its rigidity. If a human being claims that he is the best and the only one, he has to be convincing to others and that too not under duress. Conviction under shadow of swords is no true conviction; it is only surrender of one’s rationality and identity. Surrender before ideological onslaught is nothing but the worst form of slavery that is unbecoming of a human being. The strength of Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) lies in its long chain of evolution to what it is today with no period of coercion or fear. It has never been static and rigid as its counterparts at any time. Resiliency and not rigidity is the strength of ideologies which must evolve toward a positive conclusion and never remain tied down to fear of questions and answers.    

Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) is resting on the strong foundations of Advaita after its evolution for over five thousand years. For the last one thousand years, Science has emerged as a strong challenge to the religious ideologies. We have now reached a stage where no ideology completely disowned by Science can survive, and no ideology at loggerheads with Science can hope to survive for long. In its current Advaita version, Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) is in perfect harmony with modern science and in many fields it is in a much more advanced phase than Science. It is not an exaggeration to say that Science is now following Hindu Sanantana Dharma (PTBH). While many of the other prominent ideologies are trying to overpower Science by manipulating evidence for their theories, Hindu Sanatana Dharma is providing the guidance for Scientists in cutting-edge fields like Quantum Physics, Space Science and Computers. If it is possible to translate all the ancient texts of India into English, it is almost certain that we have seen the end of knowledge itself.     

Weakest Structure

But what is most intriguing is the fact that the present Hindu society which is standing on the strongest ideological foundation is one of the weakest in comparison. This is evident when we learn about the extent of forced and lured religious conversions that is taking place in India. Billions of dollars and dinars are pouring into India every year to get more and more Indians converted to Christianity and Islam, the only two organized religions in the world. Moreover, the combined might of these two alien ideologies have already ruled India for a full millennium. The situation in many parts of liberated India is still not very different. Hindus may be majority in terms of numbers, but the political and economical might is already in the hand of others in many Indian states. At the current level of population growth, It is only a matter of decades before Hindus will lose complete control of the situation in terms of numbers, power and economy.    

It all started with Kashmir a few decades after the religious partitioning of India. Kashmiri Pandits present the best example of how a Hindu community can destroy itself by adamantly clinging onto its false prestige. Perhaps they overestimated their faith in our first Prime Minister who was one among them. When the first signs of religious fundamentalism started in the valley, the Kashmiri Pandits must have closed ranks with brother Hindu communities and fought the battle together. Instead they chose to cling on to the caste structure rigidly and now third generation Kashmiri Pandits are languishing in the refugee camps in various parts of India. Almost same situation is presented in Kerala now. For the first time since liberation from British, the Hindu representation in the ruling cabinet has gone below the 50% mark and Nehru’s dead horse (Muslim League) is fast becoming a race horse in Kerala politics. Kerala Pandits will soon be an unfortunate reality (

It would be in everyone’s interest to remember one thing – a completely successful rehabilitation of displaced persons has never taken place anywhere in the world. Jews of Israel is the best example for this. Though backed by the most powerful in the world, Israeli Jews can never live in peace when there is 360degreex365days hostility. The same applies to all the displaced tribes and communities anywhere in the world. Once the control over the land is lost to indigenous rivals, there will never be any full rehabilitation. And to be in control of one’s homeland, one must have the majority in terms of numbers and money. Only those who realize this simple truth before they cross the Lekshman Rekha will inherit the land and not by remaining meek. Kerala Hindus must close their ranks and put their gears in proper mode if they do not want to go the Kashmiri way. Immediate attention is in terms of numbers and only the productive younger generation can stem the decline.     

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tablet Age

Human history has already passed through Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. Even when computers started establishing their supremacy on all aspects of human life no one thought of calling it a Computer Age. This is because of the simple fact that computing is part of our lives in the modern age and making some machines to do things faster for us is not a big deal. When ordinary telephones became mobile our communications increased several fold and when mobiles turned over their third generation our touches became much more powerful. But the new offspring of computers and mobile is going to be a game changer in every sense. A formidable combination of computers and mobiles, the tablet avatar, is destined to change human history forever. We will have no choice but to term contemporary times as the dawn of a new age – Tablet Age.

There are at least ten different brands of tablets already in the market. Apple started the tablet tsunami and it is sure that we will have a choice in hundreds by the end of the decade. What makes these tablets so powerful? First of all they combine the powerful trio of computer, internet and telephone. In the so-called era of convergence, such a gadget would embody the complete spirit of convergence. Then tablets are essentially wire-free and very soon the concept and requirement of any wiring will vanish. And finally tablets can be made in any configuration with or without special features, and it will soon be available in a wide spectrum of prices. People from all strata of our society will have access to some form of a tablet in a very brief history of time. The social implications of such a scenario can be far-reaching if we as mankind do not make the mistake again, like what we did with atomic fission.

Tablet Possibilities

Greatest advantage of a tablet PC is its size and shape.  The credit goes exclusively to Steve Jobs and Apple who took a great risk while launching their IPad tablet. Perhaps the intuition he gained during his hippi-days in India gave Steve Jobs some Rishi-like intuition. Till then every one in the industry had thought that such a size and shape will be rejected by the users. But the real fact was that the entire world was waiting for such a gadget which can compute, communicate and entertain us. All the inconveniences about not being able to carry it in your pocket have vanished in no time. Mobile devices were too small to promote extended reading. Netbooks and laptops were too heavy to become part of our casual luggage. But the tablets are going much beyond all these. It is becoming an extended part of our body and already there are many who cannot live without.

But the biggest breakthrough with tablets is going to be in its pricing. There is no doubt that within a decade we are going to have tablets with almost same set of features priced from USD 50 to USD 500 flooding the market. Quite in parallel with this will be the growth of wi-fi, 3G and 4G coverage over almost the entire planet. The scenario of a tablet in every hand in a wi-fi area is definitely not a distant possibility. What can be better empowerment than this? It is already said in lighter vein that many of our children have much more access to any information they want than even presidents of nations a decade ago. If a substantial section of human beings can have such a luxury the changes it can bring about are beyond imagination. Access to right information irrespective of gender, race, colour and even geography can change our entire decision making process.
Tablet Education

One of the definite possibilities in the Tablet Age will be the explosion of education and literacy cutting across social strata, gender, geography and age. The biggest background work that is presently underway in IT industry relates to preparation of materials fit for tablet enabled education (TEE). Almost all the industry majors and worldwide entrepreneurs are on the job and it is undoubtedly a multi billion market. Conventional schools will disappear and there is future only for institutes of higher learning offering on-the-job training in areas that cannot be substituted with virtual systems. The process is going to be slow but the number of people involved will be in millions. An educational revolution in the same pattern of industrial revolution, but at a much faster pace, is going to change our universe like nothing before.

A large section of world’s population remains poor only because of they are uneducated, illiterate and at the mercy of religious fanaticism. We still have so many who cannot survive even if they are offered everything they need. What is lacking in such people is the right skills for survival and the capability to pick up such skills. Generations of social or religious dictatorships have extinguished the rational thirsts of such people. But rationality cannot be taken away from human beings and given the right environment it will sprout again. Tablet age is sure to provide the right climate for emancipation of such people reeling under blinding books, single god and fear of hell.  Tablets will become the much needed torch lights for all those who are locked up in the dungeons of ignorance.

Mankind is on the verge another positive discovery after someone accidentally lighted the first fire and recited ‘loka samasta sukhino bhavantu’. The name and form of tablets in an omnipresent and omnipotent wi-fi universe and knowledge accumulation over the public clouds can change our societies forever. There will be attempts by the fanatics to hijack the new platform. Unbridled transparency being the most essential nature of the new tool, all such attempts are bound to fail. For every virus let loose by the fanatics there will be thousands of immediate antidotes from a highly connected world and that would bring instantaneous deaths to their ideas itself. Such sudden deaths to fanatical ideas and orders would have made our planet a virtual heaven already. Tablets are going to achieve what nuclear bombs could not. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Converted in Vain

One of the most prosperous ‘business’ in today’s world is that of religious conversion. Democracy in one form or another is bound to blossom all over the world one day and all the organized religions are preparing for seizing power through ballot boxes. In democratic arrangements, numbers determine everything and those religious communities that pray for universal well being and voluntarily follow family planning policies can appear to be idiotic and foolish. But that may not necessarily be the obvious end result. Those who are experts in the religious conversion business know that the process is indeed reversible. If humans are deceived by false promises and coerced during difficult times to convert, the reverse will automatically follow when they realize the truth during better times. As the saying goes, some people can be fooled for some time, but not all people for all times. 

India has always been a fertile ground for religious conversion for the missionary forces spearheaded by Europeans and Arabians. Though Christian missionaries pioneered in the field, the sudden enrichment of Arabian peninsula by oil discoveries in the fifties and sixties has resulted in stiff competition from the Islamic forces as well. India’s native religion has always been and will remain unorganized, liberal and highly flexible. A billion such humans is a huge attraction in the religious phishing market and billions of dollars and dinars are poring into India every year to catch as many preys as possible. It has been going on for many centuries, but the marketing efforts of the competing forces have reached a highpoint now. Both the two competitors have started eating into their rival’s portion more than the vast common areas still unexplored. From such competitive heights, their fall will be much more sudden, steep and unpredictable, especially when so many of the successive generations of victims have started feeling that their forefathers converted in vain.        

False Promises

Human behaviour will always follow the established pattern of hierarchy of needs in any culture or civilization. The same has happened in India. At one time Indian nation was the richest in the world in every sense. Its indigenous wealth and philosophy could easily satisfy all the physical and spiritual needs of all its citizens. No outsider had any scope for interference and Indians never looked outside for anything. Adventurists from all over the world were coming to India to see and experience the wonder that was India. Trouble started when ideological explosions happened elsewhere and spill over isms wanted to recruit more people into their fold to dominate the world. Colonisation of the free world by those who were discontent and dissatisfied with whatever they had at home started off the real problems in today’s world. Looted wealth from the colonies and accidental discoveries of freely available natural resources has provided the momentum for marketing their own version of God and religion as the best.

Looting of colonies continued unabated for centuries and what India lost is perhaps unimaginable in real terms now. Christian missionaries and Islamic preachers who followed their plundering frontline had enough crowd to convert and more than enough wealth to lure them. All those who were starving for food had little objection to accept any form of God if milk powder and bread are made available. And those who had no clothes and shelter accepted any form of worship if such basic requirements are freely available. But the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter fall in the realm of physical requirements and have nothing to do with God and religion. Those who go for fishing with plastic baits can deceive only the first few and may risk their own lives by eating the fish with plastic inside. The logic of religious conversion is crystal clear when we find that the Christian and Islamic missionaries in India are still targeting only the poor in the most backward areas. More than others, they know how weak and hollow are their arguments of superiority. Most of their theory and practices are nothing but poor copies of the original eternal one.     

Feasible Solutions

Religious conversion is a revolution when it is done voluntarily. But forced or coercive religious conversion is a heinous crime against humanity. Those who indulge in it are destroying the very essence of their individuality and existence. Those who were following Sanatana Dharma for thousands of years over several generations have the basic ingredients of it engraved in their DNAs Forcibly changing them to follow foreign beliefs and dogmas is like throwing the fish out of water. There is no doubt any ideology or ism undergoes a evolutionary process and along its path it will accumulate lot of unwanted beliefs and practices. The so-called caste discrimination in Hindu religion is one such and it has lost its foundation in the current evolved Advaita form of Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Castes (groups or sections of people bound by common heritage) will continue to exist in one form or another, but no discrimination is possible on account of that.

 And if the scourge of caste discrimination can be eliminated from Hindu Sanatana Dharma, the door must be kept wide open for the reverse revolution to take place. Those who have revolted against discrimination and made the supreme mistake of abandoning their own legitimate home must be able to come back and rejoin their family. This must be easily possible in a truly secular India where the religion of candidates is not asked for providing food, shelter, clothing, health and education. Those who converted to alien faiths in search of equality must realize their mistake when those same religions are demanding reservations for converts from ‘lower’ castes. Other than the false promise of equality, there was absolutely nothing that would have attracted the converts in comparison with what they had in Hindu Sanatana Dharma.
It has been established time and again that in terms of spiritual heights, rational depths and practical freedom, there is no other faith that can stand anywhere near Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Its philosophical algorithm is something like an open source code in comparison to the closed ones provided by others. It is left to the individuals to modify and adopt the code in tune with one’s own capabilities. Since God is present in everything that we can think of, there is nothing that can stand between us and God like in other religions. Sankara’s final stamp of approval on Advaita has taken Hindu Sanatana Dharma to a different philosophical plane and all that we need to do is to take it back to its days of glory once again by allowing the free return of all those who converted in vain . 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mullaperiyar Dam'age’

Bharat was divided on the basis of religion into India and Pakistan (and now Bangladesh). Thereafter India was split into several pieces on the basis of languages. Tamil Nadu and Kerala came into being on the basis of languages, but the umbilical chord that runs through the nation in the form of our common culture and civilization cannot be erased so easily. Moreover, Malayalam, the language of Kerala, is nothing but an offspring of Sanskrit and Tamil in almost equal measure. But the horrific picture of a Mullaperiyar Dam (situated in Kerala for providing water for a few districts in Tamil Nadu) that is about to burst at any time has brought in more damage to the friendliest of relations that have existed for hundreds of generations. An innocuous dam that is providing lifeline to more than four districts of Tamil Nadu has suddenly become a water bomb that is threatening the lives of millions in Kerala. 

Every dam is a potential hazard and it is definitely more so when it is over a hundred years old. Mankind has mastered the science of predicting almost anything except of course a few natural phenomena like earth quakes. They can occur at any place and at any time. The scientific explanations in terms of fault planes that occur later remain as irrelevant and useless as our explanations about the fluctuations in currency rates and gold prices after they occur. But such unpredictable natural phenomena have never prevented mankind from progress and development. We have always found reasonable solutions to all our problems by use of appropriate technology in scientific ways. The same scientific temper should have taken the lead in finding a solution to the dam issue. But instead some known evil forces have taken the lead to misuse the opportunity for their own petty ends. The damage it has done is much more far-reaching than the reach of life-giving water it provides. 

Real Reasons

Biggest bane of Kerala’s political democracy is the existence of ‘needle’ communal parties and its complete polarization into two political coalitions. Though power always shifts from one to the other every five years, these needle parties always find a few slots in the ministries and that invariably results in the undoing of whatever good the ministries achieve. It is quite surprising to note how such rabidly communal parties can operate in a so-called secular country. A nation which was divided on the basis of religion can allow the growth of communal political parties only at its own peril. Yet the narrow political objective of the so-called national parties is failing the soul of Indian nation once again. There are so many reasons to conclude that the present spurt in dam alarm is on account of meeting of minds of two such rabidly communal political parties in power – one with intense local interests and another one because they are indifferent about the place.

The timing of the spurt in agitation is also very much noticeable. Sabarimala shrine has been a problem for many for many decades because of its location amidst an unfriendly environment. Its unprecedented growth in terms of number of pilgrims and the resultant potential of evolving into a much awaited unifying force multiplier cutting across all forms of man-made divisions within the majority community is a nightmare for many political players in the God’s Own country. The state has the maximum number of emigrants and most of the major decisions about Kerala now are taken abroad by collegiums of our own men and international forces with their own agenda. It rarely happens but the dam provided a unique opportunity for all the players to come together and make the best ‘use’ of the dam. After the Sabarimala season the whole cacophony has died down and that makes the situation much more suspicious.

Real Solutions

But the potential problem associated with any water reservoir dam is always existent and it has to be addressed in normal course in a purely scientific manner. A dam is also to be treated as a utility with an economic value associated with it, and like all utility equipment, its annual depreciation must provide enough reserves to rebuild once it passes the allowable age. Mullaperiyar dam has already crossed its limit and technologists must suggest the best solution. India has some of the best technological institutions and brains in the current world and it is not at all an issue to get a study done within a few months. Politics is a curse when it gets mixed with anything else and politicians must be kept out of the picture in all such scientific pursuits. This should include even those who have come into politics from the fields of science and technology. Only ‘sitting’ technologists must indulge in such scientific studies. And in a democracy like India the final decision will always be that of the elected government.

It is also time for all of us to understand that other than unconditional love (which is perhaps only from parents and spouse), all that sustains our lives has a price. Strictly speaking there is absolutely nothing that is free of cost. This is true with regard to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we tread on. Whatever be the history behind it, all the beneficiaries of Mullaperiyar dam must realize that they have to pay for the services it is providing and allow for reconstruction when its useful life is over. It is drinking water and breathing air, and not oil and gas, that are going to be the premium commodities in twenty first century. The beneficiary state must be willing to compensate the rightful owner of dam and its water in the case of Mullaperiyar. Kerala and Tamil Nadu must be willing to finalise a purely commercial agreement for sale of water, and not in wasting their time and energy by allowing petty politics (and politicians) to hijack such sensitive issues.
But all said and done, the damage caused in the name of dam’s age, is going to take years to heal. The mean manipulators have also tasted success by the fall in number of Sabarimala pilgrims and the sense of insecurity it has created among those who visited Sabarimala this year. There is no doubt that the same evil forces will be at full bloom next year too at the same time to repeat their show of insane solidarity. They know very well that a few years of repeated efforts will achieve what they really intended. Barring the laudable levels of literacy achieved by the state, all other indications about Kerala are highly alarming and worrisome. The God’s Own Country in terms of its landscape and natural resources is slowly slipping into another Valley of Discontent, quite in line with a nasty NRI agenda.        

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Civilisational Cultures

In very simple terms, one’s culture is what one will think and do if one gets lost in an island with the full knowledge that there is no chance of being rescued. The true self in each one of us will come out only then and that is our true culture. Culture of civilizations follows the same pattern. Each of the civilizations has developed in isolation and is truly representative of the culture of people who constitute them. Many of the civilizations have died out and the few remaining continue to progress reflecting the core culture that makes them different. Whatever be the changes brought about by progress and development, the essential nature of our culture will always be reflected in whatever we do as a civilization and ultimately as a nation. In very broad terms, we can always categorise the world civilizations into three types based on their core activities during their formative periods viz. Agri-culture, Tradi-culture and Coloni-culture.


Indian civilization is essentially an agricultural one and Indian culture is replete with the nature, symbols and characteristics of agriculture. Agriculture requires great insight, immense efforts and unlimited patience. The essential nature of Indian nation and Indian people still reflect these three unique characteristics. In terms of culture and civilization, India is the only continuing civilization that has survived uninterrupted for the entire recorded past. All others, be it Chinese, Japanese, Western, American or African, have undergone drastic changes (and revolutions) and are not the same that was one thousand years ago. Agricultural civilizations do not peak so much and will not die out completely. There will be ups and downs, but within a limited bandwidth. This is very evident in the case of India, whose civilization peaked during the vedic period and waned during the one thousand years of Mughals and British rule. But immense patience, tolerance and inherent truth and strength in its basic beliefs will ensure its continued presence till the end of time. We do not know when agriculture began, but we know it will never end. Similar is the case of agricultural civilizations. They have no beginning and no end (sanatana). So is the case with Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) which is the core of Indian civilization.  


In sharp contrast to Agriculture, we have Trading cultures which do not produce or own anything by their own efforts. All they have is some money to buy and sell agricultural and other products. In the process they make profit which is used for further trading. The civilizations in West Asia fall under this category. Their lands are barren and not fit for agriculture. They never had settlements and used to spend their entire life as nomads buying goods from one place and selling it at another place. Their relationships were transient and there was never time enough for studies and producing literature for entertainment and enlightenment. Their approach to life was one of complete adhocism trying to sort out issues as they come by. Needless to say that such people had no concept of lasting relationships and never found time to introspect on the deepest mysteries of nature. It was easier to attribute everything to a creator and discipline the rogue crowd with fear. The few lasting contributions to world heritage by these West Asians are limited to those from settlements in the present day Iran and Iraq. Unexpected discovery of ‘black gold’ in the 1950s’ that brought in the present day filthy richness among these people have not touched the basic culture of these people one bit.     


Quite different from the other two, the culture of colonial people is always oriented towards the loot they can manage from their colonies. Unlike agriculturists and traders, the colonizers do not carry out any constructive work or make or produce anything at all. They are adept only in usurping the fruits of labour by others, just like what we do with the honey made by honeybees. The case of established colonial nations in Europe exemplifies this attitude in very clear terms. Europe is rich today only because of the toil and tears of civilizations in Asia and Africa during yesteryears and even now. Left to them, colonial cultures cannot sustain themselves on the food and wealth created by themselves. They would always need the efforts of others for their own benefit and have developed immense skills (now embedded in their DNAs) in management of others. Extra-ordinary adeptness of the colonizers in managing others by putting ‘friends and enemies’ among ‘enemies and friends’ is evident even today in West Asia, Latin America, Africa and South Asia. These people show an exemplary sense of fairness when dealing with disputes involving other cultures and that makes them the natural choice in world disputes. However, it is very difficult for the ‘coloni’culturists who are used to an easy lifestyle to come out of it.

It is very evident that the one and only truly sustainable culture in this planet is the one related to agriculture. No other way of living can provide the food for survival and food for thought together in a sustainable manner. In fact the unparalleled continuity of Sanatana Hindu civilization in India for the past ten thousand odd years without any major change can be explained only on the basis of its agricultural base. Immense hope, struggle, patience and truly secular behavior of a ‘Sanatani Hindu’ – Mahatma Gandhi claimed himself to be one – can be directly attributed to his or her cultural background in agriculture which requires all these attributes to succeed. Continued negligence of the agricultural sector in India by those in power will only weaken the cultural foundations of our civilization in the long run.