Friday, April 25, 2014

Greatest Universal Constraint

All problems have solutions but many solutions cannot be implemented due to constraints. Ever wondered which is the greatest constraint that we can think of? The one constraint that makes all problem solving difficult in all walks of life. But for this unique constraint our world would have been a heaven full of complete satisfaction. Is it possible in any way to overcome this constraint? Perhaps not in our real world.
So what is that constraint that cannot be overcome in the real world? It is the constraint of maximum percentage. To state it as an axiom, it will be as follows:-
“The greatest universal constraint is that maximum percentage is one hundred”
Now it is very easy to appreciate the problems created by this simple but formidable constraint. Had it been 200 or 300, we could have solved most of our problems. And imagine a world without a cap on maximum percentage. We could have solved all demands by all sections of society for more and more of their share of the total. There would have no conflicts among nations, societies and even individuals demanding their unlimited share of the limited total. I wish we could live in such a unreal world one day.