Friday, May 28, 2010

Backdoor Brahmins

Be it the Middle East or the West, Indian Diaspora delights in their almost daily ritual of symposiums, seminars and discussions highlighting Brahmin atrocities in India in the past and present. India’s infamous hierarchical caste system dominated by Brahmins has become a pet tool in the hands of so many vested interests. It is interesting to note that while the organizers of all such get-togethers are invariably from minority outfits, they are clever enough to ensure that the main speakers always belong to the majority. It is a pleasure for them to see successors of their past adversaries fighting among themselves to please their present minority sponsors. More than anyone else, the present leaders in these minority communities know the role of erstwhile Brahmins in thwarting their attempts to arabise or westernize the whole of Bharath during their own periods of reign. No amount of muscle power or scheming could match the brain power of a Chanakya or a Sankara in the past and very well they know that it will continue to be so for ever. Real Brahmins and true Brahminhood always referred to the best in terms of brilliance and quality as it was originally conceived.

Brahma, Brahman and Brahmin are three terms that create a lot of confusion in the minds of everyone. The much acclaimed secular education of Hindu children in post-1947 India makes the situation hopeless. For some it is all the same and for many children it is immaterial. The intentional disinterest in everything Hindu that Hindu children are forced to develop by a skewed secular educational system is turning out to be a premeditated attempt for national suicide by Indian nation. While Lord Brahma may not be of much interest to many, the difference and meaning of Brahman and Brahmin must necessarily be known. The all pervading concept of Brahman is always relevant and the ongoing CERN experiments will definitely fuel further interests in the relevance of such theories. But the most misunderstood term among the trio is that of Brahmin. It was never intended to be hereditary and the existence of terms like “Boston Brahmins” denotes a better understanding even in the not-so-distant past. The idea and concept of Backdoor Brahmin dominance started with the advent of foreign influences in India. What has been happening in the Christian and Muslim world for the past few centuries provides amble proof for this interesting claim.

Arab World

In the long years of human civilization, the role of Arabs is only a few days old. And in this too their presence has been recognized by others only because of near monopoly hold over fuel reserves in recent times. It seems the underground layer of hydrocarbon reserves keeps shifting in between the tectonic plates and the Arab world was lucky enough to notice it when it came under their own foot. No one knows how long it will remain under their foot. The Arabs are utilizing the opportunity well not only for promoting their own faith, but also for many wrong causes forming part of their imperial dreams of subjugating all other religions and ruling over the entire world. Quite unwittingly they are also passing through the process of creating a social hierarchy with their own version of hereditary Brahminhood at the very top. This is despite their claim of having developed a modern religion based on equality, brotherhood and justice. All evolving social isms (which include religions also) develop a creamy layer on top and Arabs are no exception when it comes to their own formulation of faith.

Identical to what has happened in Hindu Sanatana Dharma in Indian subcontinent, children of the initial creamy layer who comes to occupy a dominating position in any faith, have gained a backdoor entry into Brahminhood. Arabs are spearheading their religious spread across the world and their own language, attire and customs have acquired a certain higher status. Despite professing equality and brotherhood as being marked specialties of their faith, the truth on the ground points to an overall domination by Arabs in the entire Muslim world. Arabic language has become the chosen language and Arabic dress has become the exalted attire. And whatever the Arabs do has become the correct way for all others to emulate. Richness of Arab nations has no doubt contributed to their dominance in the Muslim world as Backdoor Brahmins. Their co-religionists from other parts of the world now constitute the lower castes and all are trying to mimic their masters in everything they do. What should be attained by merit and hard work is now easily available hereditarily to all Arabs.

Western World

Though Westerners struck the road to civilization quite later than those in Asia, their naive adventurous nature rewarded them with plenty of success in the peace loving parts of the world. Christianity, after its origin in the Middle East, has long been hijacked by the West since the time of Roman empire. And when the Westerners started their conquest of the eastern lands they had this unwanted faith formulation of theirs to offer in return for the loot of material wealth. White missionaries who formed third rung of the invading troops, the first two being businessmen and soldiers, were very clever and cunning. Their role in the grand imperial design was to prepare the natives for eternal subjugation for generations to come. Owners of East India Company knew very well that it is easier to hold on to the British Raj forever if at least half the Indians could be converted to Christianity. Same is the case with all the African countries.

The backdoor entry of Brahminhood can be seen in the case of Christianity too. In the overall scheme of Christian world, the dominant force is that of the Western Whites. They are the ones who formulate and re-formulate the faith. Whites are indeed the backdoor hereditary Brahmins in Christianity. Brownies and Blackies will always remain in the lower castes. Though Obama could become US president, it is impossible for any black or brown Cardinal to become the Pope. Even if there comes one, he will be namesake as a showpiece. Language, attire and customs of Whites have become the hallmarks of the religion. It is upto everyone in the Christian faith to emulate the Whites in their pathway towards God. Merit and hard work have given way to hereditary domination by Whites. Again pioneers of the ism have usurped Brahminhood through their backdoor entry.

Brahminhood in Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) was meant to be something highly admirable and it is open to everyone irrespective of his or her background to achieve it. The truth is that no one is born as a Brahmin and Brahminhood is to be attained by noble thoughts and painstaking efforts. Ancient HSD is full of historical figures who have come up from lower ranks at birth to the highest level of Brahminhood. Vyasa, Valmiki, Viswamitra are just a few of them. Gandhi, Vinobha, JP, Ambedkar etc., also made it later in recent times. The heredity hijack happened in between when a few unworthy children of Brahmins thought of an easy way and the society at large kept mum. The same phenomenon is happening in the Islamic and Christian world now. Backdoor Brahmins are leading the world to an early end in all respects.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bigger Bang

There is a growing belief all over the world that the year 2012 is going to be a significant one for reasons unknown so far. Some have fear and some others are hopeful and positive as ever. The fear of World War III (WWIII) has been lurking for sometime and the growing defiance of Iran over the most sensitive nuclear issue strengthens our negative fears. A nuclear capable Iran is sure death bell for Israel. It is foolish optimism to expect inaction by one of the world’s most powerful and determined states in such a scenario. In the prevailing international air of terrorism, islamophobhia and aggressive evangelism, it is not very improbable to have a war between two tribes escalate into one between religions and civilizations. The much predicted WWIII for drinking water may get postponed as WWIV, if at all there is scope for another one. However there is still optimism to look forward to a more positive and incredible development in the year 2012.

One of the major ongoing projects that can give some good news by 2012 is the CERN experiment. It is almost a century since the theories of Big Bang started and it would be a grand finale if the experiments could prove it without any remaining ambiguity. It would be a much bigger bang if Big Bang is true and everything indeed started from a single entity. Consequently, so many half cooked hypotheses and card board postulates will have to be thrown out of our realms of knowledge. The effect of a bigger bang can resonate in so many fields other than science and technology. It can shake the entire foundations of beliefs in all walks of human life. If everything that we can think of started with a single big bang, how can there be so much diversity other than with an underlying string of unity. There can be only one truth and only one direction for approaching the truth. Concept of God and religious beliefs will have to be rewritten.

Scientific Shastra

Shastra in India covers a much bigger area of knowledge than its western counterpart of Science. Indians have always considered anything that can be analysed systematically to be Shastra and that included almost all fields of knowledge. Authentic works like Dharma Shastra and Kama Shastra proves this beyond any doubt. While Western Science was over dependent on instruments, Indian Shastra could go much beyond with the help of meditative and instinctive thoughts. If Western Science insisted on solid proof for every hypothesis, Indian Shastra was content with intuition and faith in profound theories. That is one of the main reasons why Indian Shastras have gone much beyond the frontiers achieved so far by modern Science. Modern scientists realized this difference only when Newtonian physics gave way to its Quantum version in the twentieth century. It is no wonder that almost all physicists of the modern era look so reverently towards Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) ideology.

Despite the dubious efforts of our colonial masters and Islamic invaders, a sizeable part of Indian works on various Shastra is still intact and available to us in its original forms. Distrustful commentaries and sinister interpretations by Christian missionaries and colonial experts have not succeeded much in their intentions. It is ironical to note that some of the most virulent proponents of HSD ideological literature in modern times are the present generations of the very same colonial masters. HSD is beginning to flourish in its pristine beauty once again in the West rather than in its land of origin. Almost all of the major works have been digitized and a mere cursory look though them can tell us the vast expanse of knowledge that has been covered. For anyone impartially interested it would be a great surprise to note that HSD literature covers almost all the current frontiers of Science, most of it allegorically in the least expected forms of stories and mythology.

Advaita Again

Truth of Big Bang is bound to re-emphasize many beliefs in Hindu Sanatana Dharma and dismantle with greater intensity the concept of God in all the Semitic religions. If the cause of everything that we can think of is the single big bang, humanity has no choice but to accept the theory of Advaita. A final seal of authenticity on Big Bang will mean that consciousness, energy and matter are all interchangeable and in fact one and the same. This is nothing but a blunt statement that all matter (me, you, animals, planets, stars etc.), all energy (light, sound, heat etc.), all concepts (God, science, shastra etc.), all ideologies (religions, isms etc.), all ideas etc., in fact everything that we can think of, are essentially one and the same, because everything has emanated from the same source. All the so-called creations have taken place from a single source and quite possibly will go back to the same source, for the cycle of bang and collapse to repeat.

Another offshoot of Big Bang is the authentic seal on the Theory of Evolution, which Hindu Sanatana Dharma has always supported on all planes of thought. There is the shade of evolution in everything connected to HSD ideology. God evolves in various forms and Man is always on an evolutionary path to reach God. Since everything has its origin in the same source, the evolutionary path connecting the minutest organism to the loftiest ideal of God makes perfect sense. All those who prophesied creation of Man by a separate entity called God can roll back their theories and accept defeat in the best traditions of a philosophical debate. All theories of creation will prove to be absurd and shall stand exposed as made up theories aimed at subjugation of Man by Man. There can be no sons or messengers of God, but only incarnations of God in various forms. A majority of humans will stand revealed of their mistake and their leaders exposed of deception.

It is possible that after-shocks overdo the original earthquake in their intensity. The after-effects of Big Bang will be in this fashion. A purely scientific discovery is going to upset the entire world of religious faiths and beliefs when it is getting the final seal of authenticity by the year 2012. Centuries old unfounded theories of creation and prophesy will stand completely exposed with no more followers but the uninformed, illiterate and those with vested interests. The entire scientific community and those with scientific temper will have only one choice. Claims of Vedanta as the eternal truth with no beginning and no end will stand completely vindicated. And Advaita which has always expounded the basic oneness of God and Man will take over the entire humanity to lead us to a world of knowledge, peace and complete understanding. All of us will see only one thing encompassing the entire universe – Brahman, made up of Brahmons (