Thursday, January 24, 2013

Principle of Permanency

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is a profound one and seems at the same time both highly specific and broadly applicable. And often it sounds bordering more on metaphysical than physical. I have only a brief understanding of its specific applications in Physics but whenever I hear about it I wonder why another similar principle has not been proposed so far. Let us call it Ajith's Permanency Principle. It will be more general in nature and let us phrase it as follows.

“Any change is possible only against an unchanging background; consequently something permanent shall always exist” 
Be it tangible or intangible, any change in any aspect about anything is possible and measureable only against an unchanging background. If there is anything inevitable in this world, it is change and it is happening all around us in everything we can think of. But by applying the Permanency Principle, there must always be a permanent part that will always exist. I feel it is this permanent part of everything (tangible and intangible) that adds upto what we consider as Ishwar in Hindu Sanatana Dharma (Proud To Be Hindu). No doubt it is omnipresent, non-destructible and hence must be omnipotent too. Perhaps the Permanency Principle can provide a real link between seemingly irreconcilable irrational religious philosophy and rational Science.