Saturday, March 15, 2014

Majority Belief Cannot be Ridiculed in Any Nation

India’s Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) is perhaps the oldest surviving and the most misunderstood religious ism in the whole universe. It will be quite surprising to note that it is more misunderstood in India where officially 80% of the population is born into the religion. More astonishing will be the fact that it is more misunderstood among the so-called educated Hindus than among their illiterate brothers and sisters in the villages of India. There is only one reason for the sad state of affairs in HSD – the strange phenomenon of secularism as implemented in post-liberated India.

For those who are in the know of things about religions understand that there is only one religious philosophy that has undergone the complete evolution of rational discourse and it is none other than Hindu Sanatana Dharma. The evolutionary process has taken about 5000 years and finally what has won the approval is Advaita – the theory of non-duality. As it stands now, the four principal Mahavakyas of Hindu Sanatana Dharma are:-

• prajñānam brahma - "Brahman is Prajña"(Aitareya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda)
• ayam ātmā brahma - "I am this Self (Atman) that is Brahman" (Mandukya Upanishad 1.2 of the Atharva Veda)
• tat tvam asi - "Thou art That" (Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.7 of the Sama Veda)
• aham brahmāsmi - "I am Brahman", (Brahadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.10 of the Yajur Veda)

In short, HSD is the only religious philosophy that advocates the omnipresence of God. This means that God did not create Man in HIS own image but IT is present in everything in this universe. Logically it means that IT can be present in all of us, but definitely in varying degrees at various times. A direct result of this belief is the acceptability of Godmen (and Godwomen) in HSD. Also the belief in evil forces indicating complete absence or negative concentration of divinity.

Semitic religions (Juadaism, Chrinistianity and Islam) are built on Creation Theory, they do not accept the omnipresence of God and hence the divine presence in humans. Followers of Semitic religions cannot be blamed for their lack of understanding about the famed Godmen and Godwomen of HSD. But it is time that the followers of Semitic religions also realised and respected (not accepted) this established belief of the vast majority of India. The occasional presence of a few ordinary mortals in the garb of Godmen and Godwomen do not make all of them imposters. We simply cannot accept and allow the minority disbelievers to ridicule the faith of an overwhelming majority of Indians.

Contemporary Godmen or Avatars or Prophets like Sai Baba, Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Sri Ravishankar etc etc cannot be denigrated and derided by a few ridiculously miniscule set of our population with foreign beliefs.They should realise that they are only inviting odium on themselves by such acts. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Great Indian Pari’war’

Indian sub-continent has always been a land of wars and the greatest among them was the Mahabharath war which took place about 5000 years ago. Since then there have been continuous wars going on literally and figuratively in all spheres of Indian life. Indian civilization has progressed to its current level after several setbacks and watermarks thanks to these wars. Wars need not always be destructive; instead some of the wars have resulted in quantum jumps in terms of ideology and development.

India is going to witness yet another great electoral war in 2014. On one side we have the Nehru Pariwar led by the doubtful Rahul Gandhi. And against them, we have the great Indian Sangh Pariwar led by the redoubtable Narendra Modi. Then there is the miniscule and insignificant fringe elements who have always remained marginalized in Indian democracy. Let us see a brief comparison between the Kaurava and Pandava forces of 21st century in India:-

Nehru Pariwar
Sangh Pariwar
Rule by Nehru Family
Democracy (Rama Rajya)
Creation of Vote Banks
Uniform Civil Code for all Indians
Not defined
Integral Humanism
Anti-Hindu and Minority appeasement
Hindu Rashtra with equal rights for all Indians
Basic essential objective
Retain ruling power with Nehru Pariwar at all times
Greatness and glory of Indian nation

The sharp contrast between the two forces in the electoral battlefield is crystal clear. But it is not so obvious whether the vast Indian Majority who will decide the fate of Indian nation would think for themselves before voting. Indians are by nature unselfish and careless when it comes to elections. And there are many Indian pseudo-intellectuals who consider it a crime if the Majority comes to power in a democracy. Let us wait and see what the future holds for India.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Right Must Rule

Democracy may be the least imperfect form of governance that mankind has discovered so far, but it is utterly useless if it results in the usurpation of power by the Minorities. This is exactly what has happened in the Indian nation as it stands today. The vast Majority is silent due to various cultural, historical and religious reasons and their shameful silence is being conveniently put to use by a deadly combination of organized Minorities, Marxist and Pseudo-Secular forces that has ruled India for 95% of the time since liberation from the British.

In any ideal form of governance, the power must vest in the hands of the Majority. And it is equally important that the rule of law exercised by the Majority recognize & protect the equality of all citizens including those belonging to any form of Minority. The reverse is not only unacceptable but will always tend to create unrest and tension in the society. Imagine the scenario if a Hindu group captures power in a Muslim majority nation or Muslims rule over a Christian majority USA or Shias running the government in a Sunni majority nation. The consequences can be much more far reaching than in a reverse scenario.

Majority in every nation usually make up the Right side of its political spectrum. The bogey of fascism that is used to prevent them from coming to power is fast becoming an outdated technique in electoral politics. The world has changed and the chances of another Hitler or Mussolini capturing power in any democratic country is almost zero. It is only natural that the ruling power in all democratic nations reaches the hands of Right political parties. Only the Right can fulfill the aspirations of its Majority and only the Majority can ensue the well being of the Minority in any nation. Right Must Rule (RMR) must be the motto in all democratic countries and hope it will be so in India too very soon.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Leaders Must Introspect

Yes, leaders must definitely introspect at various stages in their political life. This is highly advisable especially in liberal democracies. Most of the so-called leaders in our democracies come to occupy their positions by shear accident and not because of their in-born qualities, qualifications and hard work. As an example, we can see dozens of such leaders in India who have occupied highly important positions in the power hierarchy merely on the basis of loyalty to high command, family connections and thick skin. There is no harm when they hold party positions, but when they come to power they are affecting the lives of millions of ordinary people in the country.

Leaders in democracies must understand the qualities required to be in power. First of all they should have the innate qualities of leading from the front. Then they should be service minded and willing to do hard work to attain the knowledge for governing others. And most importantly they should be highly articulate in explaining their stand and opinions to others. Those who have failed in maintaining order within his or her own family cannot maintain the law & order in a country of millions. The same holds good for all other aspects of governance. How can someone who has failed in basic studies determine the fate of millions of youth? And how can someone who is shy to face the media have the capability to pilot the massive juggernaut of governance by persuasion?

It is good that many educated individuals are coming into politics in liberal democracies like India. But it is equally important that they introspect often in their political career, especially when they are thrust into key positions of governance by shear luck. They should ask the following questions. Do I have the capacity, knowledge and capabilities to handle this portfolio which is affecting the lives of millions or billions of my countrymen? Should I stick onto this position because there is no one else claiming the post? Am I doing justice to my country and myself by controlling the destiny of our nation? I am sure most of those in power in liberal democracies like India will have to quit if they are truthful to themselves. Democracy can become the best form of governance if and only if such introspections by its leaders are made mandatory.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Salvaging Mother India

Even the most optimistic of Indians have started asking the question “Is it possible to salvage Mother India?” Despite the fact that it is the oldest continuing civilization in the whole world, India remains home to more than 25% of the world’s poor. It has one of the most corrupt ruling systems in the whole world. It has immense material wealth and highest caliber human resources in the entire world. Yet a substantial section of its population does not have access to good food, clothing and shelter. Children are under nourished. It produces much more food than what its people require, yet a good number of its citizens still go to bed without food. It has unlimited employment potential; yet is forced to have one of the largest overseas populations in almost slavery conditions abroad.

Earlier we used to blame the foreign rule for all our problems. India was under foreign rule for almost ten centuries, first imposed by Genghis Khan and then by the British. But for almost a century now, we are ruling ourselves. In almost all aspects of life, we are fully self sufficient and we need no external help whatsoever. Yet we are struggling in almost all facets of life. If we cannot guarantee the basic minimum of food, shelter, clothing, health, education and employment to all our citizens, what is the point in claiming to be the world’s greatest democracy? We have chosen a ruling system by the people, for the people and of the people. But more than half our people are always unhappy.

Who is to blame for all these? Now we can only blame ourselves for all our problems. We have opted for democratic rule, but we continue to elect corrupt and inefficient people to rule us. Merit does not come into our minds when we cast our votes. We get carried away by the surname, wealth, religion, caste and colour of the candidates. Those who have proven their merit at lower levels of government never get elected to state and national levels. Anti-national and unpatriotic leaders are repeatedly elected to power for irrelevant and undefined reasons like secularism. Indian ethos has always been secular and it will always remain so. There is no need for any political party to proclaim that they are more secular than others.

India is becoming the world’s youngest nation within a few more years. And very soon we are getting one more opportunity to cast our votes to elect our rulers. If we can cast aside the unwanted bogeys of secularism and communalism, and vote for meritorious candidates we can make a marked beginning in turning the tide. It is possible to bring in a paradigm shift in Mother India within one decade if we can make a beginning now. Vote only for those who can govern the nation and have proven track record. If we waste our votes again, the question of salvaging Mother India will continue to haunt us forever.

Monday, August 05, 2013

One World, One Currency

Once there was a great saint in Kerala who said “One caste, One religion and One God for all Humans”. He knew perfectly well that it is not possible in this highly divisive world of ours. Yet he said it and set it as a goal for all of us. Such great sayings from great visionaries exist at all times, similar to the directive principles in our great constitution. But it is saddening to note that the biggest human organization in the world viz. United Nations Organisation (UNO), is not setting such goals and proclaiming it consistently to set people thinking about it.

“One world, One currency” must be foremost among such noble goals of UNO. It will not only revolutionalize the world economy but also force the so-called leaders to perform. Right now there is no common platform to compare the performance of different nations and the cunning leaders get away by changing the goal posts. The recent redefinition of poverty level in India is one such cruel and cunning exercise of non-performing assets or over-performing liabilities that run the world’s largest democracy. Imagine if USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Saudi and Uganda have the same currency, namely Unos. In this age of absolutely equality at the basic level, we should consider all grown up individuals earning less than 100 Unos a month as below the poverty level, irrespective of his or her purchasing power at any part of the world.

Having a common currency the world over will definitely change the world forever and bring down the level of violence that is rising due to the increasing income disparity. All  humans are essentially equal and UNO must be aiming for the basic equality (with fundamental rights to food, clothing, shelter, education and health) irrespective of the race, religion or nationality. A common world currency Unos will go a long way in the path to achieving the basic essential equality among homo sapiens which none of the ideologies or religions could achieve so far.   

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wi-Fi World

Freedom for all and free flow of information have always been the bête noire of dictators and undemocratic rulers worldwide. Inconvenient books used to be banned and people who raise inconvenient questions are always behind bars in a dictatorship. Governments driven by ideology, and not welfare of people, always tend to throttle open debates and exchange of views amongst the intelligentsia to keep people blissfully ignorant. Advent of internet changed all that and more money is now spent by dictatorial regimes to curtail development in technology than in its development. A fully connected and open world is a nightmare for them.

Fast evolution of communication technology is becoming game changer in the field of dissemination of information. A fully connected wire-free world (WFW) is fast becoming a distinct possibility in today's world. And if it can be made uncontainable by a universal law or by technology, the consequences can be far reaching. Google company has already perfected the idea of sending out balloons for providing wi-fi connectivity in remote areas. And if it ever becomes possible to provide wi-fi connectivity through plants and trees, the results can be astonishing.

WFW's distinct advantage is the unbridled availability of the right information to the right individual and the right time. Almost everything in the present world will change in this scenario when decision making will become transparent. Information will get disseminated at lightning speeds to all stakeholders in any situation. Chances of wrong decisions will be drastically reduced. Elected or unelected rulers will have to think twice before taking any decision because everything about its background and intention is already in the public domain. WFW will change the whole world we live in.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sanskrit and Classical Languages

One more Indian language viz. Malayalam has been accorded the status of a Classical language which means that it is at least 1500 years old. Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and of course Sanskrit have attained this status earlier. Many more are in the offing and as expected the decision will be more on political reasons than facts. It is interesting to note the richness of India even in terms of its languages. No other country or civilization in the entire world can boast of such a set of more than two dozen classical languages which have independent vocabulary and scripts. But Indian rulers are making a big mistake by continuing to neglect the mother of all such languages viz. Sanskrit.

One thousand years ago, when India was the richest country in the world with a GDP share of more than 40%, the glory of Sanskrit was also at its peak. No one would have imagined that reluctance of then rulers to universalize the study of Sanskrit would one day result in its decay. Lower sections of the society were kept away from the so called noble language to prevent them from learning the sacred literature which the Brahmins, especially the pseudo variety, wanted to monopolise for themselves. Sanatana Dharma stipulated Brahminhood to be attained by ones own efforts, but a few clever and cunning achievers made it a monopoly for their own progeny. The death and decay of Sanskrit language started from those days. Europeans saw a great opportunity in this scenario and made full use of it by smuggling out most of our literature.

I am sure there is not even a single Indian who would not have felt bad at least on one occasion in their life that he or she is doing a great blunder by not mastering Sanskrit. The mother of all languages has not only a vast repertoire of ancient literature but has also been declared as the most compatible one with modern computers. The simple fact that the mother tongues of all Indians contain at least 50% words of Sanskrit origin makes the mistake of not learning Sanskrit more glaring. It is one of the greatest tragedy of modern India that Sanskrit was not declared our national language when we got liberated from British and Pakistan got separated from India.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Genographic Politics

There is an ongoing Genographic Project as a genetic anthropological study that aims to map historical human migration patterns by collecting and analyzing DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. Apparently it sounds purely scientific, but the interpretations that have started emanating after about a few hundred thousand samples have been analysed point to sinister designs. The project team seems to be on right track with regard to the Journey of Mankind, but is smelling of ulterior motives when it comes to the associated Journey of Civilisation. As far as India is concerned, there are enough and more reasons to believe that the new project is nothing but an attempt to resurrect the ghosts of Max Muller and McCaulay.

It is now common knowledge that Aryan Invasion (later Migration) Theory (AIT) was propounded and propagated by the erstwhile colonial rulers in order to keep India divided forever. The mention of two races, Aryans and Dravidians, is found no where in any ancient Indian text, but the half-baked European scholars in Sanskrit thought it will be a brilliant tool to drive a permanent wedge between the North and South Indians. Not only did they succeed in their attempts for a few centuries, but could also get a few ardent devotees among Indian historians. However, AIT met its natural death and stands deleted forever from Indian history.

Another set of self-proclaimed historians associated with the Genographic Project have now started trekking on the same path. Their attempt is to map the Journey of Civilisation in the same path as Journey of Mankind. Even without the Genographic Project we know that African continent is the cradle of mankind. The first man evolved from their ‘animal’ forefathers in Africa and migrated to various parts of the world through various routes at different times. But the islands of civilisation are totally unconnected. India’s own Vedic Civilisation has nothing to do with anything that happened in Greece or Arabia or Europe, and stands unparalleled as one of the highest watermarks of human civilisation. Any pseudo-scientific attempts to belittle the same will meet the same fate as the Aryan Invasion Theory.



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prophetic Gadgil & Iyer

Perhaps there is no other province or unit of governance in the whole world is more blessed than the so-called God’s Own Country of Kerala in Indian nation. Kerala, which is a mere 600 kms in length and maximum 150 kms in breadth, enjoys 40 odd rivers, atleast a couple of major fresh water lakes and thousands of minor water bodies. Yet when one monsoon rainy season fails, there is no electricity and even drinking water in this little piece of land. Even half a century after electing the first pro-poor leftist government in the whole world, the progressive and fully literate Keralites have miserably failed in setting up a credible ruling dispensation that can create and sustain the bare minimum requirements for human sustenance. The two warring confederations of political parties, with ulterior religious agendas, are failing to see the basic requirements of modern human beings irrespective of his caste or creed.

Present day Kerala is far behind most other states in India in terms of basic infrastructure requirements needed for industrial growth. But the beauty of Kerala lies in the fact that it is landlocked between Western Ghat mountains on eastern side and Arabian Sea on the western side. It is the best suited land for agriculture and non-polluting industries. But the uncontrolled population growth has overran all the advantages of this beautiful piece of land. Kerala cannot sustain a population of more than 25 million if we are aiming to achieve idealistic Socialism atleast in terms of food, health, education and employment. Hidden agenda of vast sections of our society controlled by foreign interests in resisting all forms of population control is taking Kerala to disaster at an accelerated pace. Krishna Iyer committee’s report for population control has been shelved without even a debate.   

In this engulfing gloom of self-inflicted catastrophe, the brilliant report about conservation of Western Ghats by Prof. Madhav Gadgil committee has come as a ray of hope. It is not one of those amateurish exercises of intellectual verbosity prepared by glorified messiahs of ecology. Gadgil’s report is painstakingly prepared and full of intellectual honesty. Prof. Gadgil is nothing but a prophet who has come to give the final warning to Keralites. All its findings are cent percent truthful and all its recommendations are fully implementable. If it is not taken seriously at least now, Kerala has very little future to look forward to. Land Mafia and Uncontrolled Reproduction must be resisted at any cost by forceful implementation of Gadgil’s and Krishna Iyer’s reports. Otherwise, our Own Country will belong to Dog’s and not to God.