Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Venture or Vulture Capitalists?

Many of the many successful entrepreneurs the world over are slowly turning philanthropists and also venture capitalists with the declared objective of extending a helping hand to the next generation of entrepreneurs. But is it true and will anyone sensible enough believe in this lofty ideal of the successful entrepreneurs? Not if one knows how entrepreneurs succeed in a capitalist environment.

Successful entrepreneurs are not only knowledgeable, daring and lucky but also possess an insatiable appetite for wealth. While the philanthropic aspect of their personality is an off-shoot of the basic humanism and empathy, resident in all humans, their never ending appetite for more and more money draw them towards potentially successful ventures which are looking for investment. In fact it is a mutually beneficial arrangement but more in favour of the apparently benevolent capitalist.

What the erstwhile successful entrepreneur is looking for is easy money at the cost of somebody’s ideas and efforts. Each successful entrepreneur knows that he has been lucky to have got the idea first and luckier to have ventured into it. They know the time and effort it takes to succeed in another venture again. So the best way to make more money is to lay their eggs in someone else’s nest. Or to feed on someone’s catch like Vultures. Isn’t it better called as Vulture Capitalism?

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