Saturday, December 03, 2011

Corruption, Conversion and Subversion

Atleast half the citizens of the great Indian nation are involved in one of these three – Corruption or Conversion or Subversion. It is a matter of great concern and shame that the land of Mahatma Gandhi could achieve such a dubious status within half a century of its liberation from the British rule. Prevalence of the three evils in our society makes it difficult to believe that this great nation had once given births to the likes of Lord Budha and Guru Nanak, and Lord Krishna and Lord Rama in the ancient times. We can find solace only by blaming it all on the invaders, conquerors and colonial powers which brought in their filthy ideologies into this pristine nation of Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Situation is so bad in India today that the existence of India as one nation will be called into question again and again in the days to come. Formidable forces are at work in building up conditions similar to 1947 or even worse once again. And the ill designed version of democracy in India where any worthless family member can be sanctified by way of an election is making it easy for the growth of such evil forces.


Corruption in India is not only in terms of bribes and money. The curse of corruption has spread into almost all aspects of our lives. There is corruption in values, relations, elections, governance, food, medicines and even in matters of defending the nation. If one needs a simple certificate from any office, one needs either the right contacts or pay the right amount and then wait for the officer to do his duty for which he is paid the salary from the tax payers pocket. Thus we are repeatedly punished for getting the officer to do his official ‘dharma’. One of the highly meaningful Sanskrit words (with no equivalent in English) that represent an entire school of ancient philosophy of successful human sustenance is Dharma. It was attributed so much importance in ancient Bharath that even our entire religious ideology came to be known as Sanatana Dharma. Indian nation is deteriorating because its citizens are moving away from Dharma.

It is unrealistic to suggest that ancient India was full of dharma and dharma alone. Even in puranas we had pantheons of Gods and Asuras in almost equal number at all times. These Asuras are nothing but people (equally powerful as Gods) who had a distinct liking for indulging in adharmic activities. And this was equally applicable across all sections (all castes) in the society – we had adharmic Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vysias and Sudras. Remember that the worst Asura ie. Ravan was a Brahmin. But we always had the presence and protection of Gods to ensure the prevalence of dharma and thereby protect the society and nation. It is this unbreakable protective shield of dharma that is missing now. Instead of self attained Gods, we have ‘elected’ Gods now. And virtually all of them have turned ‘asuric’ or become indifferent or willing Sikhandis when it comes to the welfare of our nation. There is hardly anyone in any of our elected bodies who can become a role model for those who want to enter Indian politics.


Quite in line with the rapid growth of corruption, the cancer of religious conversion is also spreading throughout our nation. After its earlier aggressive phases during Mughal and colonial rules, the menace of religious conversion is peaking once again in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country. If the monies for conversion activities are coming from Europe and USA, the human resources are sourced mainly from the southern state of Kerala. There is a formidable section of crossers in Kerala who have spent their generations in converting vulnerable sections of the country into Christianity. Their expertise in the field of religious conversion is being called upon once again to target mainly the other neighboring southern and eastern states. It is a very good industry with high returns and political conditions are also very much in their favour.

As part of their ‘intellectual’ efforts to justify this heinous action, several Indian descendents of Max Muller and Monier have been active in recent past to establish the historic authenticity of the myth of Saint Thomas’ visit to India. Though it has been out rightly rejected by Vatican, the Mullers and Moniers desperately want this historical fig leaf to hide their evil intentions. Another related attempt is to establish the existence of an ancient port called Muziris in the present city of Kodungalore in Kerala. It does need not much research in history or logic to establish that nobody by the name of Saint Thomas ever visited any part of India in the first century AD and the so-called Muziris port is the present port city of Sur in Oman. Ever since the advent of the new religions in the Arabian peninsula, violent persecution of one section or another was a regular affair and someone by the name of Thomas (Knaya Thoma) might have come over as a fugitive or refugee into the all-accepting lands of Bharath. If he was a welcome refugee then, his unworthy descendents have become disloyal to the land that protected their forefathers from persecution.


As if the cancer of religious conversion is not enough, the ulcer of subversion is also troubling and targeting Bharat Mata now. Again it does not need much research to establish that the ulcer is due to an earlier unclean surgery. Islamic Republic of Pakistan will never allow the Indian Republic to be successful and they will do everything possible to keep us down. Following the spurt of wealth in Middle East from Oil and Gas discoveries, the economic well being of worldwide Muslims have improved and their dreams of an Arabian Imperialism as a revengeful antidote for the Crusades has become a reality now. Pakistan is a direct beneficiary of this new found wealth and vigour, and they will multiply their anti-India efforts many fold in the days to come. India can never avoid bomb blasts that are taking place at regular intervals until and unless it can raise the nationalist fervor of all its citizens once again to pre-1947 levels.

Though Gulf countries are willing to spend a substantial part of their easy-gotten money to bring the whole world under their foot, they do not have the human resources and intelligence to do it. Countries like Pakistan have become very important in such a situation. Gulf countries are knowingly providing an arena for close interaction between Indians and Pakistanis so that their agenda can be pushed very easily. It is the classic case of the wily fox setting the two lambs to fight and waiting for its turn to eat both of them. The only difference in this case is that one of the lambs is not purely a lamb, but the unwanted offspring of an earlier interaction between the grand father of the fox and an unfortunate sheep. The illegitimate lamb is more than willing to die for his uncle but wants the other pristine lamb also to die before that.

The state of Indian nation is deteriorating in all aspects at all levels barring a few. If corruption is eating into our bone marrows, the twin evils of conversion and subversion are pricking our national conscience many times daily. In spite of being one of the most liberal nations in the world (with almost complete freedom that one can imagine) and with a very lose judicial punishment system for even treason, if some sections can still legitimize their anti-national activities quoting lack of social justice and opportunities, it is time to think of tough measures to establish the rule of majority as it exists in all modern nations worldwide. It is time for us to realize that any country that is under minority rule or being dictated by the minorities is intrinsically unstable and unsustainable.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Revelation Logic

Revelations from an omnipotent and omnipresent (yet unknown) God form the very basic foundation of almost all the religions in this world. If we define religions as paths towards (realization of) God, we find it interesting to note that the paths are as uncertain and vague as the objective itself. The concept of an external God, the reward and punishment variety, is almost completely illogical and dead. We do not need anymore proof for an outright rejection than the ever increasing cases of violence, deaths, injustice and atrocities all around us. The simple fact that such atrocities are much more in the ‘centers of God’ highlights the utter failure of such a custodian of Heaven and Hell. He(?) has proved to be an utter failure and the question remains as to why we need such an external God if there is no net growth in goodness in this world. The only rational and logical thesis about God that remains is one about a God which is all pervasive and utterly indifferent until the individual realizes Him (Advaita).

However, we cannot reject revelations in the same logic as in the case of an external God. It is politically incorrect and hazardous to name the revelations, but most of the revelation material is gibberish. But there are parts which make good a reading if we approach them with an open mind. One should read each of them completely and never attempt any parallel reading or comparisons. By the way, the field of ‘comparative religions’ is an unwanted and unnecessary discipline, contributing only to the menace of extremism and consequent terrorism. Experts in comparative religious studies have done maximum damage to the peaceful co-existence of multi religions in many countries. Though revelation literature is mostly made up of incoherent text, occasionally we come across materials that may make sense to each of us depending upon our background. These are the areas where we should be looking for some useful stuff that might help us.

Man’s Limitations

Whatever advancements we have made so far, the basic limitations of man remains. Scientifically, Man is designed only for seeing and hearing within a specific range of frequencies. We are blissfully ignorant of so many things happening around us at all times. Past centuries of development have no doubt helped us in extending our indirect reach. With special gadgets and software, we can now reach across millions of kilometers and decipher the earlier unknown signals. Man-made satellites have gone and landed in other planets and through the Hubble telescope we have physically seen much more than our predecessors. Our frontiers of knowledge are ever expanding and a newly born child is much more evolved and adapted to modern environment than the ones earlier. Yet at one end of the complex system of discovery gadgets, we still find the Homo Sapiens whose innate capabilities are limited. Superman and Batman exist only in our imagination.

Very often the useful capability that comes to the help of a ‘limited’ Man is his mind and the power of imagination. Within our minds we can imagine anything, realistic or unrealistic, and human mind is the only tool we have that can claim to be truly unlimited. Depending upon the extent of knowledge we have acquired, our minds can conjure up any amount of possibilities and even impossibilities. Many of human inventions in the past have sprung from impossible imaginations that ultimately proved to be truthful on close scrutiny. And if we go by the recorded experiences of the highly evolved Gurus (especially from India), the power of the sub-conscious mind is even more astounding. Most of the Godly revelations have come to mankind through this route.  The all-pervasive God reaches out to Man through his mind.

God’s Limitlessness

When Man is of limited capabilities, God has to be of unlimited capabilities. There are several ways to prove it. One of the easiest ways to establish the limitlessness of God is by analyzing the revelations of God. It will not be an exaggeration at all, if such an attempt leads us to the conclusion that some men knew much more (or at least as much) in the past than now. The relevance of revelations comes in here. Revelations in all religions talk about many things which are not spiritual in nature and often much beyond the knowledge of contemporary humans. And when we analyse the revelations now by experts in the field, there are more rocks of truth in them than specks of untruth. References to sun, moon, stars and cosmos in the holybooks of all major religions are examples of this. How did we come to know of such facts thousands of years back when modern scientific discoveries and calculations are only a few centuries old? How is the whole cosmos described in full details in Bhagavatam of Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) when space expeditions started only a few decades back? And how is the speed of light given so precisely in Puranas’?

There can be only one answer to these types of questions. Whatever is logically beyond man’s realm of knowledge in terms of chronology of human development came to our public domain from elsewhere. Revelations containing such details which have been proved true by modern science later on have to be taken seriously. Vedic literature in India contains treatises on almost fields of human knowledge and the extent of revelations contained in many of them is still much beyond the reach of modern science. The four Vedas (of HSD) are considered revelations of God by Hindus and we are yet to analyse fully the more than one hundred thousand mantras contained in them.  Indian Rishis who wrote them had only their minds as their tools when compared to the complexity of our modern rockets, electronic gadgetry and computer software put together. They could have got such advanced knowledge only on the initiative of God through the revelations.

A brief comparison of what knowledge we have gathered in the past one thousand years as against the gist of revelations contained in the various holy books is enough to arrive at the conclusion that the religious revelations cannot be ignored. But what is more important is the next logical step of opening up these holy texts for further studies, interpretations, scrutiny and rigorous analysis. It is here many of the religions have failed. For purely selfish and political reasons, many of the holybooks are kept out of bounds from those who want to study, analyse and criticize. Even the God who had revealed it to mankind would be resenting the suffocating grip maintained by a few on the holybooks. While open books will enlighten and empower the readers, closed books will only kill the natural urge of knowledge. And ultimately all closed books will degenerate and land up in the dustbins of history is a lesson that misses the moronic clergy.  

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Overloaded Planet

It has been quite clear for sometime now, that Earth is an overloaded planet. The six billion human load is unbearable and making life more and more miserable for an increasing number of people every year, though there exists some organisations making a living out of this business of population growth. Sustainability is the hottest topic in every international forum now and it is quite surprising that all of us are missing the fact that our own planet has already reached unsustainable proportions. The utopian concept of Socialism can be thought of in two ways – bringing in ‘equality’ either by trying to make all people rich or by making everyone poor. By increasing the denominator, whatever be its justification, the chosen route seems to be the latter. At this rate one of our future children will definitely step on the destruction button for planet Earth.

India is one of the most overloaded geographical areas in the whole world and within it the state of Kerala presents the extreme limits of population density. Not a single rainy season passes off in Kerala without spurts of Dengue fever, Rat fever, Cholera, Jaundice etc., etc. What is the most important reason for this? Nothing but an unsustainable number of human beings per square kilometre. Kerala has one of the maximum density of population and the ‘safe’ inhabitation land area now available is carrying almost double the advisable number of people. The net result is pollution of all water bodies, lack of safe drinking water, lack of infrastructure to process the human waste etc., etc. Almost three fourths of all human problems relate to population explosion and yet there are no serious attempts to control it. The revered Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer has recently come out with a report recommending strong measures against population explosion and as usual all religious retarders have jumped in.

Discourage Overproduction

There is no doubt and no two opinions about the need for children to sustain humanity. Nobody has ever questioned that. And nobody questions the relevance of marriage and family in human lives. All the questions now center around the number of children each family must have. But invariably the religious retarders always succeed in confusing birth control measures with abortion and pro-life slogans and defeat any initiatives in population control. All they want is license for uninhibited reproduction like animals. All forms of excuses (including God) are drawn into the debate to camouflage and confuse any debate between restrictive reproduction for common good versus wanton reproduction with ulterior motives. Though God often finds a mention in their arguments, the real motives behind increasing ‘tribal’ strength is crystal clear to everyone.

It is always the organized religious groups that oppose any restrictions on population growth. The logic is obvious. The strength of any organization is directly proportional to its strength and all organizations want to be strong and powerful. And all organizations are self-centered and bothered only about their own God, their own office bearers and their own tribe in that order. The point they often miss is that the whole world is interconnected and each of us (including our man-made Gods) are dependent on each other. Any attempt to grow beyond the limits of sustainability will unleash destruction from within our own system. An overcrowded Earth is an unsustainable entity and no amount of organization or religion can remove the limits. Restriction in numbers is one of the basic requirements in any organic system and Earth is no exception.

Encourage Restriction

Restrictions are often positive when compared to complete ban imposed by religious doctrinaires. Like animals, every man is born free and what ultimately differentiates man from animal is due to the reasonable restrictions imposed on him or her by the society. Our culture is nothing but a sum total of the impact of these restrictions. But for these restrictions and regulations, man will go down the evolution chain again to the level of animals and birds. Present condition of humanity is even more precarious. We have in our midst a set of people who are monopolizing the custodianship of all morality and liaison with God. Acceptance of reasonable restrictions, as opposed to illogical do’s and dont’s imposed by such monopolizers, is the need of the hour. If they are not shown their place, perpetrators of such obscurantist ideologies will make our lives unbearable mentally also. While population explosion is putting our physical existence at risk, victory for religious obscurantism will make us animals again.

Imposing reasonable restrictions on the size of families should come natural to any society or government in twenty first century. It is common knowledge that Mother Earth cannot sustain a population of more than say 4 or 5 billion humans, which is just one living species among millions of others in this planet. We simply do not have the natural resources to sustain so many human beings and all natural disasters happening now are indeed man-made in a way. And restricting our numbers is the only way to ensure progress and development with social justice. This has been proven beyond doubt in almost all European countries and states like Kerala in India. The present high standard of living in colony-dependent European countries and self-sufficient Asian states is additional proof for this. The only mistake that happened is the case of some European countries is that they went into a negative growth in population.

Justice Krishna Iyer’s recommendation to Kerala government to impose restrictions, including penalties, on families with more than two children is a progressive step in the right direction. It is exactly what is needed in a progressive society with cent percent literacy, highest rate of family suicides and complete consumerism. Kerala is not producing anything sufficient enough for itself other than children which further increase its needs. Thus it is caught in a vicious circle and the only way to break it is to restrict its population growth. Other than the petty minded religious hierarchy, no one is expected to oppose it. But the famed Kerala elite must speak out and defeat all the religious obscurantism that is overtaking Kerala these days.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gandhian Mantle

Anna Hazare’s fast has achieved some consideration from our political masters and the parliament. The parliamentarians have spoken and a resolution has been passed. But we can never be sure of a Lokpal law in place until and unless the bill is passed by the same parliament. Whether it would be the Jan Lokpal Bill or some other bill remains to be seen. Politicians, especially the Indian variety, cannot be trusted and they will have no qualms in breaking their promises. Barring a miniscule few, the entire Indian political fraternity is neck deep in corruption and a sudden turn around to show statesmanship is very doubtful. If everything goes well and the very first Lokpal is someone like T.N. Seshan, the future of the institution is great. Otherwise, it would be one more white elephant and Frankenstein monster, both rolled into one.

But much more important than the Lokpal bill, a majority of the right thinking patriotic Indians feel highly relieved on another point – that a true Gandhian has taken over the mantle of Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhian mantle has been under threat for almost half a century. Many of the new generation children have began to consider Mahatma Gandhi as the grand father of some ex-PMs and would-be-PMs. Just like our national flag and national symbols, one single political party had almost succeeded in ‘hijacking’ the Gandhian legacy and the entire credit for our outstanding freedom struggle, when Anna Hazare came up from nowhere to claim it. Nothing could have been better for Bharat and its citizens. And its implications will be much more in the days to come than the mere passage of a Lokpal bill.

National Spirit

Anna Hazare has rekindled the national spirit of India once again. Bharat Mata and Vande Mataram have become acceptable slogans once again. All the ‘organised’ groups who refused to join the team stand completely exposed of their real loyalty and intentions. Two generations (atleast one) of Indians have forgotten the glorious elements of our national spirit that forced the British out of India. Indian is such a diverse land that only extra strong elements of national spirit can unite us for a common cause. Mahatma Gandhi could read this peculiar aspect of Indians much more than others and that is why he became the tallest Indian leader though a late entrant. He knew very well that only the most salient features of our common heritage can unite all Indians to fight the British. From time immemorial Indians have always revered their Motherland on equal par with their Mothers. Anna has shown that even in this 21st century, Bharat Mata can inspire the most techno-saavy Indian to the uneducated farmers in our hinterlands.

The Vande Madaram spirit that was in bountiful display at Ramlila grounds and all over the country has given us much more hope than the hope of a Lokpal. Anna Hazare has touched the soul of millions of Indians as some one who can be trusted. He has stirred the national conscience once again following the same path as Mahatma Gandhi. There can be several counts on which the strategy, decision and obstinacy of Mahatma Gandhi had cost India dear, but no one could question his sincerity and dedication to the cause of India and Indians. Anna Hazare has climbed on to the same saddle as the Mahatma. His continued presence in the national scene would definitely give sleepless nights to so many politicians who are looting our nation day-in and day-out.

Silent Revolution

Apart from all around corruption, there are so many other aspects of our national outlook that require corrections. Nothing short of a revolution (preferably silent) can help us achieve this. Pseudo-secularism, vote bank politics, income disparity, lack of food, clothing & shelter, religious & caste discriminations, reservations etc., are some of the areas that require immediate attention and corrections. India is already under the rule of Indians for the last 65 years and we cannot wait any further to make our administration objective, scientific and sensible. Land mafia is in full control and millions of Indians do not have even one cent of land in their name. All Indians must necessarily have minimum food, clothing, education, healthcare and shelter assured throughout their lifetime. If an inherently rich country like India cannot take minimum care of its citizens, what is our greatness in being called the world’s largest democracy, an emerging superpower and the future world leader?

Black money, population growth and terrorism are the three other areas that would require our utmost attention. Experts in the field have already suggested methods to tackle black money. It is very simple and can easily be tackled if there is political will. All that is required is a simple ordinance making it mandatory to declare all foreign accounts held by Indian citizens within a month’s time or be prepared to lose it. However the other two issues would require much more efforts on the part of our rulers to convince, coerce and discipline all citizens for common good and national cause. Our citizens must be Indians first and everything else next. Both population explosion and terrorist explosion are hurting our nation and holding it back.

The rekindled national spirit of Indian masses and the emergence of a true Gandhian leader can work wonders for India. Of course there will be ‘asuric’ forces in full force working against all that Anna stands for. But the spirit of India that has been let loose once again cannot be easily contained by a few evil political leaders. Team Anna must use all the resources and technology that is available in abundance in India to continue the offense against loot of India. All those foreign elements who are hell bent on bringing India down with the aid of some unpatriotic, sycophant and spineless crowd of politicians must be brought to book. That is the only way to take Bharat Mata to the place she deserves among the world nations.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can Indian Politicians be NOT corrupt?

Team Anna is asking for the impossible when they demand that Indian politicians should not be corrupt. Forget it in practice, it is even impossible in theory.

Just take the case of an ordinary Indian politician:

Education – Graduate or maximum LLB
Age - 40 (average)
Family – Wife and atleast two children
Monthly Expenses – atleast Rs. 75,000/- (incl. phone bill of atleast Rs 25,000/-)
Monthly Income – NIL

How is this gentleman going to carry on in his life?

A few of them make a living on their wives’ income (if they are employed) or income from ancestral property. But it is not a sustainable proposition.

His only way out is to make maximum money whenever he gets into power. And that is what is happening in India today.

And when the political leadership is corrupt, the clever and educated Executive and Judiciary cannot be expected to keep quiet. They will also take their pound of flesh for facilitating the plunder.

Whatever is happening among Indian politicians is quite logical and even reasonable. Any change can happen only when there is paradigm shift in the nature of our politics.

Can we think of making politics a profession? Start an Indian Political Service, similar to Indian Administrative Service or Indian Foreign Service?

Or restrict the entry into politics only for those who have adequate monthly income from other means?

Or allow only those who have worked till the age of 50 to enter into politics?

Monday, July 25, 2011

S(t)inking Nations

A few drops of powerful venom are more than enough to turn a vast reservoir of drinking water that sustains life to become a life threatening hazard. And if the poison is long lasting it can be fatal for generations of people living nearby. The case of venomous people and nations is no different. People whose basic instincts are criminal in nature can bring about devastation to their friends, foes and even to the unknown. The effect is same even if it is good individuals brought up in a closed system of constricted knowledge about the non-existent God or under the wrong notion that money can justify anything and everything. People make up nations and the after effect of nations born out of hatred and narrow mentalities are also undesirable. The immediate effect is more on others who preach peace for everyone. Evil nations degenerate and disintegrate in the long run, but their short term contributions to humanity can be devastating.

In the vast array of 200 odd nations that make up today’s world, there are a couple of them that stand out in their threat for others. The contributions of these toxic nations to the development of humanity are minimal but the damages they do continue to be enormous. Pakistan and Switzerland are two such nations that continue to emit and promote negativity even in this 21st century. We claim progress in civilization and culture, but the continued presence of nations like Pakistan and Switzerland in our midst makes our claim doubtful. How can we tolerate nations whose official policy is not the welfare of its own people but making life miserable for its neighbors? How can we claim to be more developed than in previous centuries when millions are still in poverty and millions of dollars looted from them are locked up in a safe haven in our midst? These two nations are an open challenge to the civility and sensibility of modern Man.


The nation was born out of a misunderstanding between two religious communities. And having bid goodbye to each other, the approach should have been one of mutual respect or at least an indifferent neighborhood of each taking care of their own problems. But Pakistan has continued to maintain hatred for Indian nation for the sixty odd years of its existence and the situation is turning worse every day. There were many who thought that the mutual hatred which peaked in mid 1950s would vanish when new generations come on the scene. But Pakistan’s hatred for India has only compounded in the past two decades. As stated by the renowned Indian journalist M.J. Akbar, many Pakistanis may be good but the DNA of Pakistani nation can only breed contempt and hatred for India. The ruling elite in a poor country like Pakistan is spending billions to keep its citizens backward and unliberated.

The recent killing of Osama Binladen in Pakistani soil shows the extent of threat that this nation pose to the entire humanity. Another cunning nation China has armed Pakistan to unbelievable levels, based on their own grandiose design, and the real threat to a peaceful world by a nuclear armed Pakistan can be ignored only at our own peril. Almost all the hardcore terrorists in the entire world are living in a single territory. Like the heavy duty wild animals, even casual skirmishes among them can kill thousands of innocent people living in this unfortunate land. Theory and practical classes for terrorism aimed at killing innocent Indian citizens are going on unabated with the active participation of visiting ‘professors’ like Binladens, Dawoods and Zawahiris from various parts of the world. What is the final achievement of all this destruction is the question that remains unanswered for ever.


The contribution of Switzerland to humanity is also negative, but for a different set of reasons. In criminal jurisprudence those who abet criminals are equally culpable. By inviting, attracting and facilitating safe custody of ill-gotten wealth from all parts of the world and making money for themselves by the unique method of negative interest, the notorious Swiss banks are aiding and abetting crimes all over the world. One of the main pre-requisites for any crime or criminal is to have a way out, and Swiss banks are providing exactly that to those who are stealing money. The so-called safe havens for investing black money are indeed the real hells on earth. Black money in any form smells of illegitimacy and those who volunteer to keep it secure are committing one of the worst forms of criminal banking.

Bulk of the black money hoarded in Swiss banks belong to politicians from poor developing countries and that makes their crime even more abhorrent. In a democracy, politicians represent their followers and the black money they gather is on account of the breach of faith they commit. In poor countries like India, this represents the blood and sweat of toiling millions who struggle everyday without rest. By cheating them and siphoning their money to Swiss banks is like stealing from the begging bowl of a blind beggar. No law under the sun can justify such acts of these politicians and the Swiss banks which provide cover for their theft. In fact, the name of a beautiful country like Switzerland is getting unnecessarily tarnished by a few of their banks for short term benefits. Swiss citizens must realize such degenerative tendencies and rise upto their duties as citizens of this universe where a majority are still poor and downtrodden.

In the midst of all these unjust and unfair activities, the silence of a world body like United Nations is simply deplorable. How can a world body like the UN keep quiet when they know for sure the safe havens for terrorism and black money? Each day of their silence on these two vital matters will cost us years of loss in the future. Both the maladies are affecting ordinary innocent citizens and their faceless existence is providing the strength for arrogant anti-social elements to act. If the world body cannot provide face and strength for the overwhelming many against the atrocities committed by a few terrorists and black money hoarders, what is the very purpose such an organization? If the formidable few spread over the world can unite against these twin evils over the Facebook, we can bring about many Jasmine revolutions to reform Pakistans and Switzerlands.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Death of a God

India lost one of its most revered Gods, Bhagawan Sri Satya Saibaba on 24th April 2011 and his absence will be very much felt in the days to come. There is only one all pervasive Ishwar, but we have several Gods reflecting and reminding us of the presence of Ishwar in everything. Indians have always recognized the Gods in our midst at all times. It is the presence of these Gods which makes the Indian nation a unique one with heights of philosophy and lows of poverty co-existing side-by-side within a vast population of over one billion. It is very much easier to satisfy our innate rationality when we have faith in an all pervasive entity whose net quality is in favour of sustaining this universe by natural evolution depending upon the cause and effect of individual actions. The concept of an Ishwar who is ‘wasting’ all ‘his’ time in ‘making’ humans, monitoring, punishing and rewarding us is alien to Indian philosophy. It is almost absurd to even imagine one like that. Ishwar is more of a logical energy and it must be its reflections in the form of Gods who interact with us.

Saibaba was truly such a God who interacted with millions and millions of people directly and indirectly. He could achieve much more for ordinary humans than even governments with huge resources at their disposal. His only asset was love and his only investment was again love. Even his arch detractors have nothing to say when it comes to his unique contributions in the field of health and community welfare. Without any outside support he brought drinking water to many districts in Andhra Pradesh. Compare this with governmental efforts in states like Kerala, with 40 odd rivers and one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, struggling to provide drinking water even 60 years after liberation from British rule. And Satya Sai superspeciality hospital is perhaps the only hospital in the world which does not have a billing section at all. Those who criticize him must now show the moral courage in trying to do something of social significance in their own neighbourhoods.

Godly Presence

More than a social worker, it is the presence of Ishwar in abundance that stood out in Saibaba during his lifetime. Stories and anecdotes from his early childhood days are plenty. It is upto individual followers to believe or not to believe in them. For his arch detractors, it may be cooked up stories, just like the ‘magic’ he used to exhibit in producing various gifts out of thin air. Some of his bitter rivals have even brought out documentary films to highlight his gimmicks in their never ending attempts to expose him. But all such attempts have failed again and again. More their opposition, more became the number of people who came to see him and even worship him. Thousands flocked to him to get a glimpse of him and listen to him when he used to talk. And when he became physically weak even to talk, the number of people flocking to Puttapurthi became unbelievably high. There is a big lesson for the so called ‘rationalists’ in this. Man is intrinsically rational and a Rationalist Association can never replace the individuals’ rationality. They should leave it to the individuals to believe or not to believe.

But even those (like me) who have not seen the Bhagawan can easily vouch for his divinity. The sthayi (stable) form in his face and monotonous stability in his actions for the past several years are proof enough of his divinity. Try doing nothing for a few days and you will soon realize the greatness of such Indian Rishis. Deep meditation and Samadhi are the next steps in this path to absolutely stability. The inherent entropy (measure of disorder) has to be brought down to the levels of absolute permanence to achieve oneness with the all pervading, indifferent and immovable Ishwar. By his grace of absolute stability he was providing the sense of stability to millions of his believers who are constantly agitated and unstable under the influence of their own worldly problems. The so-called atheists and rationalists cannot provide such solace to the agitated minds who are constantly perturbed by misfortunes, misery and man-made disasters. Saibaba was definitely not an ordinary mortal and the truly rational believers do not need any more proof regarding this. His was a divine birth meant for bringing solace to millions.

Divine Successor

The controversies regarding Saibaba’s successor smell of a deep rooted conspiracy. His was a divine presence and it is not possible to elect or nominate the next Saibaba. He will come in due course. He will establish his presence and command his acceptability over a period of time just like his predecessors. All that we have to do is to wait for the next incarnation to take place. Unlike temple idols we cannot install a new idol and continue the worship. Exactly like his predecessors, the new Saibaba (Premsai as he will be called) will come and establish his divinity within a few decades. Those who are controlling the reigns of Saibaba Trust must show the sagacity to understand their role. None of those who constitute it have the required divinity and it is not expected also. Those who clamor for action by the Trust are more interested in seeing the end of Saibaba’s legacy, rather than the incidence of Premsai in a much more apt form.

There should not be even an iota of doubt in the minds of ardent Sai devotees that the lineage of Saibabas will continue. Spirituality of Hindu Sanatana Dharma needs the presence of such individuals of heightened divinity to provide guidance. Thousands of such individuals with heightened divinity are already in our midst and the true Premsai shall definitely show up at the appropriate time. No amount of impersonation or false claims is going to succeed in the case of Godmen, as they are called. We have seen umpteen cases where the likes of Premanandas have miserably failed. We all have the divine spark within us and we will always realize the truly divine avatars in a short time. And only those who can offer the much needed spiritual solace in the midst of ever growing human misery can sustain their status in the long run.

Exit of Saibaba is no doubt a tragedy for us, but an end for everything but Ishwar is inevitable. Born of ordinary parents in a nondescript environment, the achievements of Saibaba make his life truly remarkable. What more proof is required for his status than this? He not only radiated divinity, but also attracted some of the most creative minds into the field of service for humanity. His absence in our midst will be felt for a long time to come. But the simple fact that such an exalted soul lived among us and he did bring about lot of changes in our society is enough to make us nearer to Ishwar. His dawn in post-1947 India itself was a great boon for us and his messages have highlighted the relevance of Hindu Sanatana Dharma to an international audience. Legends about Saibaba will continue to inspire generations in the path of doing service to the needy.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dharmic Republic of India

Cynicism is the natural culmination of anyone who attempts to study and analyse India’s problems. Unlike Japan and China, India’s problems are overwhelmingly man-made. It is utter lack of patriotism, national pride and discipline that is churning out most of India’s problems. Our practice of democracy is not an ideal one and it has been hijacked by a select few families. Its current trend will only lead to India’s decay and decadence sooner or later. The incumbent democratic structure is corrupt inside out and the very few Gandhians (Mahatma Gandhi variety) left in our midst can do very little to set things right. The newly advocated Lok Pal will be at best an unsuccessful David against the Goliath of corruption. And what is the guarantee that another Balakrishnan or Kalmadi or Raja will not incarnate as the next Lok Pal? In a society that looks upon money and power as the quintessence of virtue, no amount of whistle-blowing, watch-dogging and judicial-remands can bring about improvement.

There are many Indians, especially the youth, who got excited about the ‘victory’ of Anna Hazare. But their excitement can be short lived. Some clippings from the drama are indicative enough. Anna Hazare has spent his entire life for others and he has been completely apolitical so far. Imagine the plight of such a hard core Indian pleading to ‘Indian’ leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh to set things right in India. What is the urgency for them to end corruption in India? It may be the inherent thirst for a virtuous environment that drives true Gandhians like Anna Hazare. But what is the basic motivation factor for people like Pranab, Chidambaram, Sibal etc., to put an end to corruption? It is foolish for any Indian to expect a committee of such people to draft any sensible legislation for ending all scopes for corruption. It would be like expecting Vatican or Saudi setting in motion an exercise to end religious conversion in the entire world.

Worthless Politicians

Politicians of the worthless variety are the cause of all problems in India. We usually hear about the four pillars (and the extended pillar of media) of democracy. But the most important supports for any democracy are the politicians and political culture in the country. No democracy can function without politicians and in India too we need them. The world’s largest democracy of more than one billion people will require at least one hundred political parties and one million politicians to make it function. We have the numbers but what we lack is the political culture that will attract talented people and develop them to seek power to rule over us. Pre-1947 era had produced so many talented and worthy leaders in India. But in post-1947 we are coming across mainly those who have taken up politics because they are not good for anything else. Career politicians are the biggest threat to any democracy and India is a victim of this.

The other main problem that is in many ways unique to India is growth of political clans or family politicians. There need be no better reason to get worthless and unwanted elements into politics than this. Anyone who does not study well or jobless or idiotic in a political family is automatically inducted into politics during the lifetime of the ruling patriarch. Even if the patriarch is unwilling, scores of his or her sycophants will urge and edge such candidates into the political arena. Their idea is to ensure lifelong gratitude of such empty politicians on those who brought them into politics, but the damage to the political culture of the country is unlimited. Many of them learn the nuisances of governance at the cost of our misery and just one such leader in power is enough to retard the entire nation by years if not decades. Imagine the combined damage to the nation if a dozen of such worthless politicians from political families come to power throughout the country. This is exactly what is happening in India today.

Worthy Politicians

It is the nature of politics in India that is making most of its politicians worthless. Things will definitely change if the rules of political game change. Many of the current worthless politicians are innately good and they can become assets rather than liabilities to the nation. India’s post-1947 power elite were living in euphoria in a make-believe world of their own. Having achieved independence quite unexpectedly, some of the most significant leaders wanted to become world leaders in the short span left for them. It would be ungrateful to ridicule their contributions but they should have done much more for setting a better framework for the future politicians. As an example, if state funding and modest campaigns for elections were introduced in 1947 itself, India would have been literally a welfare state by now. Instead, our dirty competitive electoral politics have forced our politicians to become corrupt to earn a livelihood and amaze wealth for the next elections.

It is too late now to think of quick solutions to cleanse Indian politics of worthless politicians. Speedy trial and severe punishments are the only signals that can bring about quick results now. If a dozen of the confirmed corrupt can be thrown into the jail the spin-off results will be tremendous. Assured retribution is the best key to instill the most wanted fear in the minds of those who err knowingly. Investigations must start as soon as there are first reports in the media about corruption and such investigations must be automatic without any sanction. It will be very much in the national interest even if 75% of such investigations result in acquittals. If such a determined action is initiated now, it can be safely concluded that Indian politicians 25 years from now will be a worthy lot. And only a worthy lot of politicians can deliver as rulers in a vast democracy.

An exaggerated version of secularism in India has also undermined our traditions and traditional values. Concepts like dharma and karma have no religious connotations, and it should have been part and parcel of our primary school education. If our children are brought up knowing the correct meaning of their dharma in each phase of their life, profession and karma, the picture would have been entirely different. Despite few aberrations in our history, India still remains one of the few nations in the world where people enjoy true freedom. There is equality in front of the state, at least on paper. This has been possible only because of the accumulated wisdom of our civilizations and the eternal values of our Sanatana Dharma. Rekindling the true dharmic spirit enunciated in our scriptures is the only way to usher in a just and fair society. Only such a dharmic Indian as Lok Pal can help us in building a Dharmic Republic of India.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tale of Two Tongues

Languages (tongues) are the most visible symbols of regional civilizations and religious culture. No civilization in any part of the world can be considered significant unless it has generated some outstanding literary works at some point of time during its existence. Many of the glorious civilizations are no more, but the differences between Inca and Greek civilizations provide a striking example about the importance of language and literature. While the former exists only in the books of History students, the latter is still a matter of delight merely because of Iliad and Odyssey. Whatever be their achievements in terms of monuments and territorial vastness, the literary content of a civilization far outweighs everything else when it comes to counting its greatness. In the eternal comparison of significance between physical and mental achievements, it is always the mental achievements that matters. The meaning of Akshara (letters) in Sanskrit is ‘that which does not perish’ and literature is its popular form. People of letters are far more respected than those who build monuments.

Language and literature are activities of the mind and it calls for far greater knowledge and capabilities to excel in them than in physical activities like annexing territories and building monuments. A casual comparison between two individuals trying to build up their body and brain respectively in a gym and library is enough to prove this point at micro level. Within an year or two the whole body can be built up to competitive levels, whereas it will take years and years of effort for anyone to reach the level of even attempting a literary work. And if such works are to be of outstanding nature, the amount of calibre and hard work required can be easily guessed. It will take generations of accumulated knowledge, skills and environmental encouragement to generate classical literary works. Perhaps no other civilization till date in the face of earth has produced more such outstanding classical literary works than Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) and its associated Sanskrit literature. An update about its present condition vis-à-vis some richer tongues reveals a shocking picture for the entire human civilization.

Arabic Ascent

Arabic is the language of Arabs and their population is not significant. But Arabic language has become so much identified with Islam because of the simple reason that Koran, the Islamic holy book, is in that language. Muslim population in the world has increased significantly in the last few centuries and the importance of Arabic language is also increasing. Their disciplined uniformity throughout the world makes it obligatory on the part of all Muslims to learn Arabic in order to practice the religion properly. Without a significant knowledge of Arabic language it is almost impossible to offer the daily prayers, refer the holy book and perform their other rituals. Though spoken dialects vary from country to country the written Arabic language remains uniform. Classical literary works in Arabic language are few, but its religious association makes it one of the most prominent languages in today’s world.

The new found richness of Arabs has also raised the importance of their language. Millions of dollars are spent on its propagation and development. Muslim children are memorizing the entire holy book in their young age and the level of encouragement offered for such efforts is unprecedented. Just like the religion, the language has also become a convenient tool for realization of Arabian dreams for international domination. The British and their English provide a very good example of what a language can achieve for imperial dreams. Original speakers of any language remain the ultimate authorities in any language and such an eternal domination provides the psychological upper hand to rule over the new speakers. The goal posts for correctness in the language can always be shifted by its original owners. And it becomes inevitable and unquestioned, if the language owners happen to be rich, powerful and ambitious.

Sinking Sanskrit

In stark contrast to the continuing victory lap of Arabic language, the story of Sanskrit presents one of awful degeneration. The number of classic literature works in Sanskrit language far outweighs all other languages put together, both in terms of quantity and quality. If Islam is cent percent identified with Arabic language, the association of Sanskrit with Hindu Sanatana Dharma is also of very high significance. Almost all its original religious scriptures are in Sanskrit language, though commentaries and interpretations (which are freely allowed in HSD, unlike Islam) are available in many other languages. Sanskrit is considered the mother of almost all Indian languages, yet the efforts for its encouragement and development continues to be abysmally low. India is rich and millions of Indians are more than rich. But the condition of India’s most significant cultural symbol is pathetic with no turn around in sight.

One of the surprising reasons for the current state of Sanskrit language in India is the skewed secularism of Indian state. When India got partitioned in 1947 into a religious Pakistan and secular India, the ruling elite in India took extra efforts in segregating religions from state affairs. In this laudable attempt, they made the fatal error of associating Sanskrit language entirely with Hindu religion. The neglect has now gone to the extent of hatred for the language. Schemers and anti-nationals in the Indian state also used this opportunity to whip up caste feelings among the Hindus by their false propagation about Sanskrit being the language of only high caste Brahmins. The clever among them knew very well that killing Sanskrit language will be best way to conquer India again.

The future of Sanskrit is not at all bright, except for the knowledge explosion taking place over the electronic media and internet. Stray efforts are ongoing in different parts of the world for digitization of all the Sanskrit manuscripts available. There are also attempts to promote learning of the language in various pockets of the world, some of which unbelievably astonishing. Indian efforts in this direction continue to be apathetic, thanks to the overdose of vote bank politics and political correctness in the ‘clanocracy’ of India. Greatest symbol of Indian civilization is being destroyed by planned negligence and official antipathy in a systematic manner. But we should always bear in mind that a Dharmic Republic of India can become a world leader only on the strength of its own Sanatana Dharma and Sanskrit. There is absolutely no other way to reach the top by becoming a Ramarajya once again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evolution of Gods

The truth of evolution is absolute and it is universal. Evolutionary process is an uninterrupted phenomenon applicable to everything. Evolution is taking place every second in all living beings and because of that in the associated non-living environment too. Though God is everywhere at everytime, the concept of God is man-made and it has also undergone evolution. It is very interesting to analyse the different concepts of God and see how it has evolved over the ages into the level of Ishvar – the omnipresent and omnipotent energy that is devoid of any characteristics (nirguna) and hence beyond any man-made definition. In India the various community, caste and sectarian Gods have evolved over ages, sometimes even vying with one another and have eventually surrendered before the ultimate version of Ishvar. It is definitely difficult to think of something that is present in everything, but that is (and only that can be) what can answer all our questions convincingly and provide the much needed rational support for our faith of Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD).

Knowingly or unknowingly we all recognize the presence of God much before we begin to explore, study and attempt to define it. The same must be true among all living species. But we do not know how other species do it and what is the final outcome of their explorations? Man is just another living species (though many among us have lofty pretensions about our uniqueness and greatness) and our exploratory efforts about God also follow the same evolutionary path. From a mere individual feeling it develops into a collective feeling and continues to acquire the form and name of a community or tribal God. As the individuals evolve, their concepts too evolve and the community or tribal God(s) must also evolve into the perfectly logical concept of a universal God. And if it does not happen in any community or tribe, it is either due to the spiritual deficiency inherent in their pursuits or due to the take over of such spiritual pursuits by extraneous considerations.

Best Realisation

Be it Asia, Africa or Europe, the early civilizations have always displayed their zealous enthusiasm for projecting a God or a set of Gods as part of their cultural symbols. The mighty Greek did it and almost all the numerous tribes in Arabia and Africa did this without fail. In India we had our own Gods for almost all communities and castes. This is part of a natural evolution process that concerns the need and definition of God. As individuals we need a God for our worship and we always tend to reach a consensus within a community. And once some collective Gods are established, it becomes rivalry between different Gods that signifies the victory of one tribe or community over others. This process has continued across continents and now we see many such tribal Gods dominating the world scene thanks to the economic and political strength of its supporters (or worshippers). This process will continue without any end until humanity exists.

While most of the civilizations content themselves with the sight of their God or Gods gaining primacy over others, a significant minority of humans have gone further and realized the ultimate truth in this process of Godly evolution. In India we have seen bitter rivalry between Shaivism Vaishnavism, Shaktism and Smartism giving way to Advaitism, Dwaitism and Visishta-Advaitism first and finally accepting the ultimate truth as enunciated by Advaitism. It can be easily stated without an iota of doubt that the realization and recognition of Ishvar in every tangible and intangible part of this universe signifies the height of spiritual evolution that humans have achieved so far. And that remains the best realization that any human belonging to any community or tribe or caste or religion can ever achieve in his or her spiritual pursuits. Most of our inter-personal problems will disappear if this objective gains acceptance as our common target.

Best Practice

The lofty principle of Advaita is complex to comprehend for many and much more difficult to be put into practice. For most of us it will take years and years of effort to reach the level of raised divinity when we begin to see over the wall and start recognizing the divine presence in everything. It is widely believed that a Guru, someone who has already been on the other side of the wall, can guide us in easier ways to achieve the same. But this may not be a necessary condition to reach over the wall. There have been many born and self-made humans who have accomplished the feat. Ramana Maharshi and presently Mata Amritanandamayi are just two examples of the same. Having complete faith and close associations with such realized souls can definitely increase our chances of climbing the wall successfully. In short, climbing the wall is a must but it can be done in many ways. A ladder may not always be required to accomplish the feat.

It is quite interesting and baffling to note that the concept of Ishta Devata (personal god) underlines one of the easier methods of arriving at Advaita. Idol worship forms an integral part of this. In Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) we often hear of the 330 million Gods that make up its pantheon. It is almost certain that this particular figure had come up when we had about 330 million humans in the entire world. The underlying principle is to have a personal god for each of us in the name and form we want. Each and every individual born (reborn and yet to be born) in this world is unique and so his or her method to search for the truth. The concept of personal gods gives such an ultimate liberty for each and every one of us to worship our own form for the one and only Ishvar which is present in all of us. And instead of worshipping one another we have the option to design (and define) our own version of God that symbolizes the ultimate reality ie. Ishvar.

Evolution of Gods must take place in all religious communities to usher in the new era of super humans as Swami Aurobindo had once envisaged. Only the realization that there is only one Ishvar and that it is present in everything can take us individually and collectively into a higher realm. Uncompromising fundamentalism and parochial religious beliefs can lead us only to our mutually assured destruction. Our current situation is akin to a semi lighted room with several individuals, several pieces of rope lying around and a single serpent let loose. We are all sighting the serpent in the piece of rope near to us and claiming it to be the real serpent. Seeing serpents in all the ropes and respecting each of them is not at all bad, provided it is with the full knowledge that there is only one serpent. But realizing the ultimate truth that both the concepts & realty of serpent & ropes are made up of the same Ishvar is Advaita that can give us the ultimate deliverance.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Opportunities in Spectrum & Black Money

The on-going tussle in spectrum and black money may be turning murkier everyday, but the two ‘resources’ present a golden opportunity in India today. The history of black money is almost as old as mankind and in India too it dates back to ages. But spectrum is relatively new and the recently unearthed spectrum allocation scam has inducted more black money into the Indian economy than any other single exercise in the past. The yet to be constituted JPC may or may not succeed in unlocking the secrets of spectrum allocation and its related scam, but there are immense opportunities for some good offshoots latent in the present confusion. If only our politicians and law makers are imaginative enough, some novel ideas and institutions can be setup for the betterment of Indian nation and society. Let me present just two of them.

Spectrum for Religions

India is a secular nation and as envisaged by its founding fathers, all religions shall be accorded equal respect. Yet we find appeasement of the so-called minority religions and its rights crossing the limits many times. One of the most irritating practices indulged by all factions is the amount of noise pollution generated in the name of religion. Another one is the number of TV channels that have come up in recent times for propagation of religions. Under the guise of so-called comparative studies a major part of time by each religious channel is spent on finding out the demerits and weaknesses of other religions, rather than criticizing and denouncing the evil practices within one’s own religion. All this can be changed by a few reforms.

In the revised allocation of spectrum that is imminent, I would suggest a few MHz to be reserved for the various religions. With a mobile penetration of about 80% in India, all the call for prayers and religious announcements can be easily made over the mobile phones rather than creating noise pollution for the entire society. Each one can setup his or her mobile phone to receive the religious calls depending upon his or her religious preference. And the various mobile operators may also offer it free or at negligible charges. Similarly, the religious TV channels can also be allotted spectrum to operate within a certain range, perhaps at a much lower cost, with the strict conditions to deal with only their own religion. Comparative study of religions is purely an academic exercise and must be limited to the four walls of academic institutions.

National Conscience Fund

Black money of Indians in various foreign banks is estimated to be more than 25 lakh crores of rupees. Most of these accounts have been created by the swindlers themselves, but there are many which are inherited. Even worse is the case of inheritance with out even the beneficiaries being aware of it. Staunch denial by many celebrities is based on this simple fact or by using this as a convenient excuse. The entire civilized world is turning against the Swiss style banking systems and days are not far off when all nations will be willing to share the details of foreign accounts. Indian government will get the longest and most shocking list of illegal account holders in foreign countries. Investigations into the source of such funds must definitely follow, but a simple step before that can prove highly productive.

Indian government must immediately set up an Indian National Conscience Fund (INCF) for various reasons. All swindlers must be given a few months time to transfer their ill-gotten money into INCF if they so desire. And once the swindlers’ list is available from the various foreign countries, all the inherited wealth must also be transferred to INCF under intimation to those who inherited it knowingly or unknowingly. A simple legislation may be necessary to setup INCF and operate it without any unwanted judicial interference. Such a permanent INCF can also go a long way in channelizing a good portion of our black money into nation building activities. But our legislature and legislation must make it double sure that Rajas and Kalmadis do not hijack such an INCF also.

Indian nation would have literally become the world leader and a model democracy for all nations by now if we had erudite and imaginative legislators. The bane of Indian democracy is the growing number of career politicians with no knowledge other than petty politics and conducive family backgrounds. A few revolutionary legislations and innovative administrative steps can bring about unimaginable changes and strengthen our secular democracy beyond all our imagination.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pranic Engineering

Since time immemorial, Civil and Mechanical have been the two basic engineering fields that have caught the attention of mankind. Both the fields of engineering knowledge have contributed in no uncertain terms to our progress and development from being aborigines to becoming the modern Man. Electrical engineering came in later with the invention of electricity and then followed Chemical, Electronics and Information Technology as offshoots of the existing filelds. And thus for a long time now we are stuck with the three basic branches of engineering viz. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. Time has come to think of enlarging the scope of engineering to the living world also. We are at the doorsteps of creating life of our own in the laboratory (though a victory over death is almost impossible and far away). We have emerging fields of limited scope like Genetic, Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering, but the need for an all encompassing new field is a necessity now. The Sanskrit word for life is prana and what can be more apt than Pranic Engineering as the best name for such a new field of engineering that deals with all engineering aspects of life and living.

Pranic Engineering can become the fourth basic field of engineering that would complement Civil, Mechanical and Electrical to cater to our entire engineering needs. Atleast a section of our Engineers in the not-so-distant future would be dealing with novel engineering scenarios like ‘living’ tools and fabrication of body parts. As life and living are involved, the question of ethics and values would be of paramount importance in the field of Pranic Engineering. Engineers who have so far dealt with only non-living raw materials will be called upon to handle materials that have life within or that could sustain life. Sustaining life by manufacture, modification and mending of body parts will become a joint effort of engineers and doctors rather than doctors alone as of now. Once we are able to recognize each Man as a combination of three or four distinct systemic parts (Body, Mind and Soul), Pranic Engineers must be dealing with sustainability of the tangible Body part of Man. Doctors were doing this so far, but we definitely need engineering involvement if we are to incorporate the concepts of spare parts, interchangeability, genetic manipulation, cloning, artificial life etc., into the field of Medicine.

Body Spare Parts

For an alien to this world of ours, it would be utterly puzzling to watch the thousands of dead bodies that are buried or burnt away everyday when thousands of others are also dying for want of parts from the very same bodies. It is an unpardonable mistake and an utterly illogical practice to dispense away human dead bodies without making any use of its valuable components that may save and sustain the lives of those who are struggling for life. When Man has even proved his capabilities in cloning and genetic manipulations, the argument of those who attribute God’s involvement in the management of post-death physical dead bodies looks irrational and idiotic. To avoid controversies and religious arguments, let us leave aside the question of Mind and Soul after one’s death. Let us leave it to the secrets of Nature to deal with these two aspects of Human life once the body has been overrun by death. In any case, both are invisible and whatever happens to the invisible components need not bother us in our practical lives. But human body is different and it must be treated so.

Human body is a valuable tangible part and it must be used to the maximum extent just like the dead bodies of all other living beings. Each and every part of a human dead body is invaluable for a limited time and we are still wasting it without putting it to any use. Even in the twenty first century we are directionless when it comes to a scientific way of handling human dead bodies. Religious rituals must concentrate on the Mind and Soul parts of our makeup and leave the tangible body to the doctors and Pranic Engineers to extract all that are useful and dispense off the scrap by incineration. We need only a photograph or mere memories of a person to carry on with the religious rituals. Modern Man must accept Science as an integral part of all religions and wholeheartedly agree for incorporation of scientific elements in all aspects of our lives. In return, Science must accede the entire space of spiritual and after-life affairs to the religious and spiritual leaders, and also stay away from provoking or poking at what is not yet known to Science.

Solving Living Problems

The relevance of Pranic Engineering will be all the more clear to everyone when we enter the age of artificial life. Days are not very far when very crude or primary forms of life will get created in various laboratories across the globe. We need systemic and systematic approaches for dealing with such situations, and only a universally accepted branch of basic engineering can further the healthy development of such a field. Like all new discoveries of tremendous potential, the possibilities of misuse are equally alive in this field as well. Ethical values of professionals in such fields are of great significance for the entire mankind. Evolution of Pranic Engineering as an established branch of Engineering is a must for development of an associated curriculum for training more and more people into this field. Only such trained professionals can control the growth of such new fields of knowledge and avoid its hijack by extremists and terrorists who have very limited and skewed agenda.

On a rough estimate the average life expectancy of a human being now is only about 25,000 days. Of this the last 5,000 days will be the difficult phase with physical ailments and psychological issues. Pranic Engineering can do quite a lot in reducing the difficulties of human beings in this phase by development of tools, equipments and techniques that can alleviate pain and misery. It is not that there are no efforts now. But a focused engineering effort can produce more focused and effective solutions to the current problems and future ones. Well qualified and trained Pranic Engineers forming an integral part of the medical fraternity can deliver much more effective remedies to ailments, both physical and mental. Very effective tools and techniques that are available in the unorganized and off-mainstream communities & cultures can be adopted and developed for common use as part of a modern scientific medical system. No life must be lost for want of timely remedy must be the motto of Pranic Engineers.

Modern medicine which is often wrongly referred to as Allopathic has really come of age and is constantly under evolution. Newer and newer techniques and medicines for treatment are added everyday, but so also the types of ailments and diseases. Designating a basic field of engineering to work along with medical experts to provide cost-effective and easily available solutions to human pain will highlight this vital gap. More focused and dedicated efforts are required to bring in discoveries and inventions in the field of Pranic Engineering to make our lives painless and more fruitful. The role of Pranic Engineers in the coming centuries would become more and more crucial because injuries to human bodies inflicted by the twin evil of fundamentalism and terrorism are also on the increase world-wide. Acceptability of Pranic Engineering as the fourth field of basic engineering is our immediate necessity now.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sabarimala Solutions

The callous attitude of authorities in power has taken its toll once again at Sabarimala. More than a hundred lives have been lost in an ‘accident’ that is not accidental at all. In a way we can easily see that it is a disaster by design. It does not need a doctorate in disaster studies to foresee the accident that is waiting to happen when a crowd of 200,000 people are crammed into an open area without lights, barricade, drinking water, police control and with very few exit paths in the midst of a dense forest. Disasters at Sabarimala have become a routine affair every year and even the news media are only waiting to hear the annual toll. And once it happens it is ‘festival’ time for all the electronic media with visuals of dead bodies piled up in lorries and pickups. God’s Own Country and Kerala Model have now become undesirable nightmares that frighten others.

Sabarimala temple at the heights of Western Ghats is a highly symbolic one. It embodies the message of Advaita, which is the very essence of Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD). Advaita philosophy signifies the heights of human philosophy and it takes HSD into the unique realm of Ishwar (the truly omnipresent and omnipotent) whereas all other religious paths are stagnating at the lower level of Devatas, the personal gods of tribes or communities which are vying with one another to become the one and only God or his son. Our ancient sages had their own reasons to set up such a unique temple at a unique place. But time has moved on and Hindu society must demonstrate the sagacity to reflect the same level of resilience that their Hindu Sanatana Dharma has always displayed in history. Solutions to problems at Sabarimala must come from within Hindu society. We respect Nature (of which forests are an integral part) and we live in a noble nation which has adopted a secular constitution, though its implementation has been pseudo-secular in every sphere.

So many people have suggested so many solutions, most of them well intentioned, for solving the problems involving deficit of infrastructure and resources at Sabarimala. But given all the constraints and opportunities (which are well known to be listed again) that exist in HSD and Indian nation, I see only TWO plausible solutions to the Sabarimala issue:-

1. Spread the Season:

All the present problems at Sabarimala are essentially because of visit by about 50 million people in a narrow window of 60 days time. It is almost impossible to acquire more and more forest land to set up facilities for such a big population for a mere 60 days usage every year. The more we encroach into forest land the more damage we are inflicting on the forest and its animals, which is very much against the ethos of HSD. There must be a complete freeze on the forest land already acquired and the human corridor must be completely segregated by providing frequent underpass for the passage of animals. And the temple authorities must decide to spread the Sabarimala season to atleast 6 months (October to March) instead of the present two months. If this is done, the present infrastructure is more than sufficient for the expected pilgrim population. All that is required is constant upkeep of the available facilities and infrastructure.

2. Setup more Sabarimalas:

Setting up a few more Sabarimalas is the next solution. Tantris (parent priests) of Sabarimala Ayyappan are clearly designated and they should take the initiative in setting up more temples for Sabarimala Ayyappan at different places in similar terrains. To make a beginning, Sabarimala Ayyappan temples can be set up on hill tops in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is definitely not a pre-requisite to do it in the midst of thick forests or game sanctuaries for wildlife. The surrounding areas can be nurtured into thick forests at the temple expense in due course. This would be immense help for our environment also. Pilgrims can avoid the ordeal of train / bus travel and loot by unfriendly vendors like in Kerala. The name and fame of Sabarimala Ayyappan will also spread to more areas.

The number of Sabarimala pilgrims every year is bound to increase whatever be the scale of disaster this year or any other year. This is inevitable because the concept of Advaita, which the Sabarimala temple essentially represents, is the most cogent concept of God that can satisfy the innate rationality of any free thinking human being. Those of us who are bonded by the various types of organized religious thoughts, some of which are more political than philosophical, are bound to break free some day. More and more Advaitic spaces like Sabarimala and Oachira are the need of the hour and we can only hope that the authorities in power now will open their eyes to our spiritual demands.