Friday, May 11, 2012

Mighty-Ism and Meek-Followers

It is mentioned somewhere in a holy book that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’. But those who seem to really believe in this and live accordingly are not the followers of that book but Hindus in India. For hundreds of years, Hindus have been under foreign rule in the recent past. But for thousands of years prior to that they dominated the world ideologically and were the richest in the world in every sense. What has caused the present meekness of Hindu society is definitely a case worth studying for those concerned about its future. The fall has been catastrophically damaging in Nepal which was once the only Hindu nation in the world. The ailment has also spread over the entire sub-continent and results can be devastating for the entire world in the long run. Imagining a world full of followers of two closed and conflicting religious ideologies would be a nightmare. Culture and civilization of mankind will regress by a few thousand years if that is what our fate is. 
Hinduism is presently the third largest religion in the world and it is absolutely necessary that it survives forever. Systemically also, the need for third and fourth members to survive is much more vital than the first two in any system. Whatever be the system, it becomes unsustainable and unstable as a whole if the vital third and fourth load-bearing members are missing. More the supports, more the stability of any system, especially if it concerns human society. Each civilization has thrown up a religious ideology in the past and it is bound to happen in the future too. But there is something very unique about the one which sprung up in South Asia – viz. Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH - Proud To be Hindu). It is perhaps the only one which could comprehend the whole universe as one and prayed for the well being of everything – good, bad and evil. How can we afford to extinguish such a noble spirit and concede to overwhelming ideologies that preaches more hatred than love?      

Strongest Foundation

There cannot be more than one answer to the question – which is the religious ideology with the strongest foundations in terms of scriptures, literature, beliefs, culture and as convincingly demonstrated by the longest surviving civilization in the entire universe? Unlike physical structures, strength of an ideology lies in its rationality and not in its rigidity. If a human being claims that he is the best and the only one, he has to be convincing to others and that too not under duress. Conviction under shadow of swords is no true conviction; it is only surrender of one’s rationality and identity. Surrender before ideological onslaught is nothing but the worst form of slavery that is unbecoming of a human being. The strength of Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) lies in its long chain of evolution to what it is today with no period of coercion or fear. It has never been static and rigid as its counterparts at any time. Resiliency and not rigidity is the strength of ideologies which must evolve toward a positive conclusion and never remain tied down to fear of questions and answers.    

Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) is resting on the strong foundations of Advaita after its evolution for over five thousand years. For the last one thousand years, Science has emerged as a strong challenge to the religious ideologies. We have now reached a stage where no ideology completely disowned by Science can survive, and no ideology at loggerheads with Science can hope to survive for long. In its current Advaita version, Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH) is in perfect harmony with modern science and in many fields it is in a much more advanced phase than Science. It is not an exaggeration to say that Science is now following Hindu Sanantana Dharma (PTBH). While many of the other prominent ideologies are trying to overpower Science by manipulating evidence for their theories, Hindu Sanatana Dharma is providing the guidance for Scientists in cutting-edge fields like Quantum Physics, Space Science and Computers. If it is possible to translate all the ancient texts of India into English, it is almost certain that we have seen the end of knowledge itself.     

Weakest Structure

But what is most intriguing is the fact that the present Hindu society which is standing on the strongest ideological foundation is one of the weakest in comparison. This is evident when we learn about the extent of forced and lured religious conversions that is taking place in India. Billions of dollars and dinars are pouring into India every year to get more and more Indians converted to Christianity and Islam, the only two organized religions in the world. Moreover, the combined might of these two alien ideologies have already ruled India for a full millennium. The situation in many parts of liberated India is still not very different. Hindus may be majority in terms of numbers, but the political and economical might is already in the hand of others in many Indian states. At the current level of population growth, It is only a matter of decades before Hindus will lose complete control of the situation in terms of numbers, power and economy.    

It all started with Kashmir a few decades after the religious partitioning of India. Kashmiri Pandits present the best example of how a Hindu community can destroy itself by adamantly clinging onto its false prestige. Perhaps they overestimated their faith in our first Prime Minister who was one among them. When the first signs of religious fundamentalism started in the valley, the Kashmiri Pandits must have closed ranks with brother Hindu communities and fought the battle together. Instead they chose to cling on to the caste structure rigidly and now third generation Kashmiri Pandits are languishing in the refugee camps in various parts of India. Almost same situation is presented in Kerala now. For the first time since liberation from British, the Hindu representation in the ruling cabinet has gone below the 50% mark and Nehru’s dead horse (Muslim League) is fast becoming a race horse in Kerala politics. Kerala Pandits will soon be an unfortunate reality (

It would be in everyone’s interest to remember one thing – a completely successful rehabilitation of displaced persons has never taken place anywhere in the world. Jews of Israel is the best example for this. Though backed by the most powerful in the world, Israeli Jews can never live in peace when there is 360degreex365days hostility. The same applies to all the displaced tribes and communities anywhere in the world. Once the control over the land is lost to indigenous rivals, there will never be any full rehabilitation. And to be in control of one’s homeland, one must have the majority in terms of numbers and money. Only those who realize this simple truth before they cross the Lekshman Rekha will inherit the land and not by remaining meek. Kerala Hindus must close their ranks and put their gears in proper mode if they do not want to go the Kashmiri way. Immediate attention is in terms of numbers and only the productive younger generation can stem the decline.     

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