Friday, November 02, 2007


Outspoken or silent belief in evolution of species (of life) is indeed the sure sign of intelligent human beings in this modern age. Those who are still struggling with unsubstantiated theories of creation of species can be at best classified as primates who missed evolution process or those who are trapped in the cobwebs of their social setup. All natural phenomena in this universe, including the very working nature of it, are cyclic in nature and it is nothing but natural to expect the reversal of evolution to take place in due course. The upward evolution of species will definitely be followed by their steady deterioration once the evolutionary trend has peaked and a plateau had set in for some period. One look at the increasing disorder in this planet in recent times makes me feel that we have already been on the evolution plateau and are seeing the dawn of ‘de-evolution’

All evolutions follow a path of slow and steady improvement of qualities based on natural selection and survival of the fittest. Then it is only natural to expect that the reverse is true in the case of de-evolution. It may not be far away from truth to expect the ‘unfittest’ to become extinct first. Those among all the species who cannot adapt well to the changing conditions of physical and social world would fall away first only to be followed by those who are little better. The process would continue until some species would disappear totally sooner than others. We are already seeing this in the animal world and many world bodies of human beings are monitoring this with great concern. What is not being monitored in a similar pattern is our own decline in the various parts of this world. Many individuals, communities and isms the world over are finding it increasingly difficult to survive the unmerciful march of time.

Unsurvival of Unfittest

If survival of the fittest was the crux of evolution, the disability of individuals, communities and isms to fit in with the pace and scrutiny of modern times are the reasons for their decline leading to eventual extinction. What we call as Science is the sum total of human capacity for scrutiny and analysis of everything for their substance and relevance. All tangibles and intangibles who cannot survive the trial of Science will have to decline and fade out in the long run. The decline of so many empires and emperors is nothing but a combined effect of the failure of the associated individuals, communities and isms. In the beginning of evolution, the resourceful few could establish their rule over others and popularize their own isms. When evolution climbed steadily upwards they had to give way to the pressure from evolving ‘others’ and the scrutiny of their isms by ‘others’. All those which were built up on falsehood and power naturally failed in the process.

The steady decline of many of the religions, empires and races is nothing but a natural phenomenon in an evolving world. The same process would have happened among all species in the animal world as well. The essence of animal stories in the form of Panchatantra and Animal Farm are very much realistic though allegorical. In all smaller kingdoms, the rulers and their ruling isms would have been subjected to pressure of power politics and scrutiny, and the weaker oldies would have given way to the stronger beings and thoughts. True knowledge is like a powerful ray of light and it is impossible to shut it out forever from any living body. And when such light falls on each of the living, the result is a mutiny or revolution within. It is only a matter of time before the combined might of such ignited minds from overthrowing the kingdoms and isms built on falsehood and power.

Ultimate Scenario

Many of our current isms are threatening us about an impending collapse and full stop for mankind. Nothing can be further from truth than this. The intention and agenda of those who are propagating such falsehood becomes clearer when we analyse their background. They want submission of humans out of fear. The story of cranes who wanted to eat all fish and crabs in a pond by frightening them with an impending drought is well known. All those who are telling us about apocalypse here and promising paradise elsewhere are behaving like these cranes to get everyone under their control. What awaits such people and their isms will be similar to what happened to the cranes in the story. All such greedy and cunning cranes would meet their ultimate fate at the hands of intelligent and evolved crabs.

If what we are seeing now is the dawn of ‘de-evolution’ we must also bear in mind that it is nothing new. Evolution and de-evolution would have happened many times in the past and it will happen again. It is something like births and deaths in Hindu philosophy. Like our own lives, everything follows a cyclic path. The striking resemblance of physical patterns at cosmic and sub-atomic levels is not a mere a coincidence. The meaning that it conveys has not been understood well by many of our religious leaders and those who have understood do not want to propagate it for fear of rendering their own isms (that is providing them cushy lives) obsolete. The bottom line is very clear when dealing with the social aspect of evolution – that we shall hear the truth only from an ism which has no ownership and patent. The ultimate end of never ending cycles of evolutions and de-evolutions will be the realization of such truth by each and every one of the living beings.

Some of our scientists believe that creation of artificial life is only a few years away. But even if we succeed in creating the physical form of life, creation of the creative mind is away forever. What is the use of life without a mind, which keeps all living beings interesting and innovative? Evolution and de-evolution happen only because of these features of living beings. And without the cycles of evolution and de-evolution there is not going to be anything worthwhile for being alive in this universe. The difference will be much like the desert silence of submission in the Arabian peninsula and the loud vibrant Asian tropical forests teeming with life of a million kinds. Of all the living species, life is meaningful for the human beings only if it is involved in a continuous cycle of evolution and de-evolution. We should be welcoming de-evolution even if it means violence, destruction and our own extinction, because the coming cycle will always be for the better.

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