Friday, June 27, 2014

Right Turn of India

The recent victory of Right forces augurs well for Indian nation. Long under subjugation by foreign forces, the soul of India’s Majority has been suffocating for almost a thousand years now. Whether it is the Europeans or Mughals or even the remnants of colonial forces that were running the country for most of the period since liberation from the British in 1947, the Majority interests, hopes and aspirations have never been given the priority that it deserves. If democracy is indeed the rule by the Majority, of the Majority and for the Majority, it was non existent in India for the past several centuries, except in certain insignificant pockets. In modern terminology India was having an unsustainable form of governance.

The main reason for the subjugation of Majority interests in Indian nation has always been the unorganized nature of its Majority faith viz. Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD). Perhaps it is the only faith in human history which has undergone a full cycle of evolution and allows complete freedom for reforms, versions and even revolt. As it stands today, Advaita (Non-Duality) stands out as the most modern faith corroborating well with the challenges posed by the arch rival of all religions ie. Science. But in the social sphere, Advaita supports only individual pursuit of God or Truth as against the organized religions (all advocating Duality) which call for organized and collective bargains to please God and attain entry into heaven. Such forces are bound to win in the race for limited resources by an ever increasing population.

Majority of Indians still adhere to HSD and it is their unorganized will that has been tampered with for so long. The subjugation during foreign rule is understandable. But the systematic sidelining of India’s Majority during the past seven decades based on a wrong interpretation of a single word (Secularism) in Indian constitution is clearly beyond comprehension. The atrocious subjugation has reached its lowest ebb in more ‘literate’ and modern states like Kerala that it is virtually the Minorities that rule. The whole of Indian nation was heading in such a dangerous path when a messiah in the form of Narendra Modi dawned. The fact that he could get a clear mandate with simple majority for the Right forces all alone shows the silent will of the Majority in this ancient nation which sustains the oldest surviving civilization in the whole world. We can only hope that Narendra Modi triumphs in his mission.  

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