Saturday, March 26, 2016

African Misery - by Missionaries and Mullahs

If our universe burst into being 13.8 billion years ago, our own earth came into being some 4.5 billion years ago and life started ticking about 4 billion years ago, mankind started off from the African continent only about a few lakh years ago. That’s why we always refer to the Dark continent as the Cradle of Humanity with reverence. We owe a lot to our great ancestors in the African jungles and even more to our own current cousins still resident there. But what have we done to the continent in return?

African continent is home to about 15% of the world’s population and it is more than a billion. It has more than 50 separate nations in its fold. All put together, barely 20% of the human beings in the entire Mother continent enjoy a decent living. The rest are submersed in poverty and utter misery. It is always true that movement is directly related to development and prosperity. Those people who have emigrated from the African continent in the past have developed into more prosperous nations and people. Asians have developed much more and Europeans & Americans have progressed much. Is lack of movement the single reason for African misery? No.

Africa’s curse can be easily attributed to the outright rivalry between two of the Semitic religions that have brought only negativity in the entire world. In their eagerness to increase their numbers, perhaps to impress their own respective Gods, the European Missionaries and Arabian Mullahs have indulged in rampant religious conversion by their tools of imperialism, coercion, violence and false promises of salvation. Their objectives lies only in religious conversion and not in sharing their wealth and affection with the newly converted. The net result has been utter poverty and misery for the entire continent.

There are lessons for Asian continent from this. During the turn of the twenty first century, the Christian Pope had declared that their next target is Asia. The sudden emergence of Petro-rich nations have also energised the Mullahs for capturing Asia. The entire Indian sub-continent is currently the focus of organised religious conversion by the Missionaries and Mullahs. If Asians do not learn from the African catastrophe, the same fate awaits Asia.  

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